TA/ Regular Medical Rejection - Please advise (anybody)

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by CB1990, Dec 6, 2012.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    I'm after some advice... I am applying to the Regulars as an Officer, and, because that is taking so long, applied to the TA locally as well.

    I have been rejected via the TA on medical grounds - there is no doubt that I am going to appeal but I want to know what my chances are???? If anyone knows/ can advise?

    My rejection was based on a 6 month period of stress/depression I suffered from last year, and army guidlines (regular and TA -because they are now one and the same), will not accept anyone having been diagnosed with this for a period of longer than 3 months.

    The case was not extreme, I was pretty stressed and took Citalopram, though not for the entire period. This was to do with caring for my mother, who was suffering from cancer at the time, on my own and without any support from family or friends, whilst working and taking various exams which had been restructured at university.

    Although I recognised that I needed some form of help I carried on, without delaying any of my studies like my institution suggested, whilst still caring for my mum and graduated this year with a 2.1. I hope this is recognisable, if it had been so extreme I could have put everything on hold, but did not.

    I'm angry that this brief period of stress might haunt me when I happen to know plenty of people already in the forces that have suffered from similar ailments! My partner for example had suffered years of Psoriasis caused by stress from work when I met him, but it was treated as a skin condition rather than stress and went unquestioned. I view mental ailments as part of parcel of life and not something which should define me or anyone else.

    I can understand the Army's caution but feel this is over the top. If anything, the prospect of sitting behind a desk for the rest of my life, rather than doing what I really want to do by joining the army, does a lot less for my 'mental health!!!!' The best part is that ironically, if I had joined at 18 as originally intended, this would never have even been an issue!!!!

    Even though I'm fighting fit, competing in pentathlon and the like, I rather wish it was a physical problem that I could get examined. Its not like someone can look inside my head.

    My initial interview for Regular Army Officer is not until Jan 22nd, if I can appeal and overturn this decision before then (unlikely I feel) will it still affect my Officer application???

    I am currently seeking advice from anyone and everyone so if anybody on here has anything to offer it would be much appreciated.

  2. from JSP 950

    Other Anxiety and Stress-related Disorders (F41 and F43)
    3.14.18. The F41 group relates to conditions in which there is no obvious stressor
    cause. The F43 group relates to conditions preceded by significant stressors.
    Arousal can occur to greater or lesser extent without obvious phobic triggers but is
    often preceded by stressors. The commonest of these stressors are relationship
    difficulties, sickness in a loved one, bereavement, personal injury or illness or work
    related problems. The attritional effect of stressors over time eventually causes
    symptoms to emerge and anxiety is often mixed with depressive symptoms.
    3.14.19. If there is no evidence of significant preceding stressors (F41) then
    candidates should normally be graded S8 because there is clearly an endogenous
    vulnerability. Panic disorder (F41.0) and generalised anxiety disorder (F41.1) are
    included in this group. If the symptoms are closely related to or caused by stressors
    (F43) then the severity, length of illness and likelihood of relapse are the crucial

    Candidates with a single episode that responded to treatment and
    resolved within 12 weeks should not be a barred from recruitment provided there has
    been at least one year free from symptoms prior to application.

    Candidates with a
    history of a maximum of 2 episodes, each resolving within 12 weeks, require at least
    3 years free from symptoms prior to recruitment13. For all other situations candidates
    should be graded S8.
  3. also

    Candidates with a diagnosis of mild or moderate depressive episodes (F32.0 and
    F32.1) with good evidence of preceding stressors may normally be graded S2
    provided that the condition resolved within 12 weeks and at least 2 years has
    elapsed since the candidate was completely well and off all medication.
    episodes require a deferral of 4 years. A history of 3 episodes or more, even with
    clear stressors, indicates excessive vulnerability and these candidates should be
    graded S8.
  4. The OP had an episode lasting six months, which is 26 weeks not twelve.
  5. My point exactly
  6. and depending on the precise diagnosis and when the OP was considered to be "completely well and off all medication" then the OP isn't even in the time frame to be considered anyway.
  8. Military medical centres and Dii terminals. Neither of which you'll have much access to I'm guessing. Try google, if you can't find JSP 950 try JSP 346. It's the document that 950 was developed from, although out of date, much of it is the same.
    If I ever get enough time I'll see about uploading 950 to ARRSE.
  9. I shall be double checking the dates I was actually taking medication before my GP told me to stop them as it was not for the entire 6 months.

    But if this was still outside of 12 weeks what time-frame of being recovered should I assume is needed? The 2 years? Or does it begin to be considered a 2nd 'episode' and therefore require 3? It was 1 'episode' lasting barely 6 months...
  10. That is way outside my area, You'll need to talk to Doctors and crazy person specialists.
  11. Errm, thank you.
  12. You might have more luck trying to join the Royal Chair Force, they certainly know all about depression in THAT mob - I was never so depressed in my life as when I was working with them, and that was caught by osmosis.

  13. You cannot appeal the medical standards. An appeal could only be based on a misdiagnosis, which you would have to prove. For that, your doctor would have to admit to making a misdiagnosis.

    In my opinion, you're fucked.
  14. AP1269A is the document you need according to a RAF doctor mate. He says appeal if you get knocked back, ask to speak to the Military Psychiatrist. But if it happened in Service you would be downgraded so you would not be allowed to carry arms etc. If you've been diagnosed depressed there are Army courses you can't do e.g. SERE, HUMINT courses.

    It's the last 3 years for any episodes. My advice personally would be wait the 3, make sure you're OK and then apply.

    Psychotic or Hallucigenic episodes are completely out - any examples and you cannot join up. 2 or more Self Harm episodes then you cannot join up. But for anything else - i.e. Common Garden Gaga you have circumstances then they will take it into account.
  15. Have you thought of The French Foreign Legion?