TA/Regular Earnings Comparison - The Facts

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Phoenix57, Jun 6, 2006.

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  1. A much debated point; however for interest I decided to do a quick wages comparison. The results are fairly shocking in that regulars are paid on average 10% more than their TA counterparts. This on top of much reduced living costs etc, etc (X-factor).

    Is this how the much publicised 'One Army' concept will work?
    Is it an army on the cheap?



    To clarify:-

    1) These figures have been taken from the Army Careers website.
    2) Where pay increases within each rank the lowest figure has been taken.
    3) The regular daily rate is the annual pay divided by 365
    4) The table is arranged in ascending pay order not ascending rank order
    5) For % TA pay has been taken as 100%. Thus regulars are displayed as a percentage of TA

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  2. Discuss !!??

    Is that you Mr Ingram? A spot of market research, or perhaps youre looking for a story? :?:
  3. Perhaps you are unaware the earnings ceiling for a mobilised TA soldier is around £260,000 - Im sure CGS wouls like a slice?
  4. Really? I must be a Captain then
  5. Hmmm, but then again, why should somebodies quality of life suffer due to being called up. Their mobelised Army wage should reflect their civilian wage.

    BTW, does this also apply to people on the reserve list who get called up?
  6. Im sure their quality of life does suffer when mobilised even on a big wage, but of course their income must be maintained. In our unit there were a few peoplw being paid several times what their counterparts were being paid for the same job. Doesnt suggest that its an army on the cheap though!
  7. Whats so shocking ? The score is laid out very simply.

    Basic Military pay = 100% of the rate for your job/skill and annualincrement - FTRS HC pay, no X factor as job is based in one place.
    TA Pay = 105% of basic military pay ( 5% of X Factor to allow for potential callup disrupted weekends etc etc)
    Regular Pay and FTRS FC and Mobilised = 113% of Basic military pay - includes the full 13% x factor.

    You can argue about the rates, you can argue that FTRS HC should be converted to FC to increase the number of deployable soldiers but the basic logic behind the x factor is pretty straight forward, more X factor the more likely you are to find yourself in the sand at short notice.

  8. This one has been around for ages. I'd like to know how many TA soldiers, rough figures, are actually making that much more in their civvy job than their Army counterpart. Lawyers, Doctors and a few city slickers ? Certainly I can't think of anyone in my last unit, bar a couple of people with their own businesses. The best I ever managed was about 25% more than my military rank would have brought in and that company folded. For the majority of the TA soldiers I've served with on Ops the Mobilised daily rate of pay - on a 7 day a week basis - was comfortably in excess of their wage back home in Central Belt Scotland - Is it the same in the SE ? Overall I'd bet that the real "high fliers" are a small single figure percentage of the total.

    At the same time a lot of Regulars complain about their wages - I'm not sure they are that good at spotting what the average Joe gets as opposed to some of the headline figures. Neither do they factor in the various allowances like cheap housing, kids eduction allowances, Travel etc. No civvy company ever paid me to travel to work ....
  9. Not SE but London of the North. Civ wages a lot higher
  10. This is just a fact of life though boys - people have to be paid what they would get as a civvy - why are doctors and surgeons paid as Lt Colonels or Brigadiers, they dont command regiments but need to be paid as well as their civvy counterparts or we wouldnt have any ( Have we still got any or are they all TA?)

    Does nobody else suspect Phoenix_67's motivations for his first post!?
  11. well including my Bonus for hitting targets which is all inclusive in my wages as well as commission providing i am on target is £45,000 per year & that to the fact my ta pay & the chance of open ended commision scale & the old sales addage of the more i sell the more i earn, i could be equivilent wage to that of a Regular Lt Col.

    So hope if they called me up id get the same money !!
  12. danielsan: Speculate however much you like. I was merely making a comparison based on well publicised but not often analysed figures, hoping to encourage an informed discussion. Snide comments and mud slinging were certainly not what I had in mind.
  13. I would suggest sir that the figures have been rather well analysed in the past, and Trossachs initial post seems concise enough to require little further explanation. The TA bounty, however, is not mentioned in the figures you quoted and to some extent does offset the additional 13% X factor received by Regular personnel ( that however is not it's design ). I am intrigued though as I would expected a military man of your obvious intelligence to be aware of that.

    Yes Watto - you would - one of my corporals was being paid more than his CO on Telic 2.

    Anyway - who joins the TA for the money? :?
  14. One interesting point though Phoenix - the regs will be a tad upset if the X-factor has dropped to 10.4 as your figures suggest :!:
  15. "Anyway - who joins the TA for the money?"

    Fair point, whilst almost certainly money isn’t the main factor it would be interesting to see what attendance figures would look like if you didn’t get paid. Markedly different methinks.