Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by The_Newbie, Jan 6, 2006.

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  1. Hey lads,

    Not wanting to set of anybody's "wah-o-meter" i'll keep it nice and short.

    Having never had any real experiences with the ARAB brigade, I'm curuious to know how the TA fit in when it all gets going?

    Is it a case of us and them, or aside from the STAB / ARAB thing does everyone get along in one big happy family :lol: ?

    I get a feeling that if I drop this into the Regulars board I'll get a different response :)
  2. Sorry newbie but you set off my wah-o-meter immediately. FOr how the TA fit in when "it all gets going" see countless threads on that very subject.

    For STAB / ARAB thing - you do know this is ARRSE, yeah? The opinions expressed in here are not necessarily the same ones you would express if your dear mama was listening!

    Ask a specific or go fish in some other pond for a bite would be my advice.
  3. Ditto abacus
  4. I do know this is ARRSE yeah, hence why I posted here in the first place. Thought I'd get some opinions from people less likely to sound like a recruiting officer!

    Oh and my dear mama is quite happy with the garbage that the recruiting officer vomits out of his face anyway :)

    And I did find some really helpful threads your right, some real gems like:

    My mistake I thought this was still the nursery...
  5. What do you mean? The enemy does fire blanks at you on ops..........what, you mean they're using REAL bullets???? 8O

    Why?............don't you fcuk off?
  6. Do you really need to ask, there will always be a “them and us” attitude – it’s fun to abuse at every opportunity :D

    Reg vs TA
    Army vs RAF/NAVY/Cadets/OTC/Civies (not necessarily in that order :D )
    Everyone vs students
    Etc etc etc :D
  7. Excellent gags like the one you have just quoted aren't the only benefit to be extracted from the countless earlier threads. Nearly all of them end up conveying the following (again and again):

    1. There is always slagging, which is not hard to deal with once you are big and growed up.
    2. As in many walks of life, there are some gits in the regular Army and some in the TA. Equally, there are some dangerous buffoons in the TA and some in the regular Army.
    3. In general, if you're not a goon or a git and work hard, you'll get along fine.

    Most of the time, the TA and the regular Army work well together. If they didn't, more of a fuss would be made by the Torygraph, etc., about employing the TA so often and so widely.

    Apologies for the po-faced response, if this thread is a wah. I'm just doing it for the kids, yeah, who might stumble onto it and not get the right impression.
  8. Apologies for the po-faced response, if this thread is a wah. I'm just doing it for the kids, yeah, who might stumble onto it and not get the right impression.[/quote]

    Well said.
  9. Thanks, that's genuinely helpful.

    And I see your point about the gits in the army already :)

    Oh and Gonku whats wrong with students?
    Everyone has it in for me! :roll:
  10. C'mon everyone hates the students, they're a common enemy. As for the remarks, thought it was a wind up.
  11. Don't take any abuse from Goku. He still live with his Parents FFS.
  12. msr

    msr LE

    This thread is well on its way to the NAAFI.

  13. awww leave goku alone hes still looking for his day pass for the primary school
  14. You sure about that :wink:

    Oh and one of them is long dead so I’ll thank you to use the singular next time.


    Gimmi a big gummy smile :D
  15. Ahh Reminds me of that old Pete and the Test Tube Babys classic,
    "Student Banker"