TA Regs on ArmyNet ??????

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by ceecee, Aug 22, 2005.

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  1. I am either going mad or I dreamt that I had been told that TA Regs were now on Armynet. Have tried to find them but can't - does anyone know if they are or not??

    ta for any help
  2. I haven't seen them on there, although I recall them saying that the unclass version of the Army Electronic Library was going onto armynet once they had moved to their new server location. I think that TA Regs is part of the AEL and so would make sense that it will be accessed via armynet once they had it on.
  3. I think this is correct. The AEL is all UNCLASS, so there is no reason for it not to be hosted on armynet. TA Regs are definitely in the AEL.
  4. Are you sure you heard it was goin on ArmyNet & not on THE Army Net - 2 different things.....
  5. Oooh - never thought of that..... THE Army Net !!!

    Thanks all
  6. There is a restricted and unclass version. The unclass is avail on CD Rom. It is this one which I believe will also be available via Armynet. I am not aware of it being available elsewhere other than on the intranet (which is the restricted version) - anyone know any different?
  7. TA regs are now available on ArmyNet - under the new Unclassified Army Electronic Library link on the home page
  8. Just seen it. A cracking facility. I must admit that Armynet is getting better every month.
  9. Oh my! The PSAO Convention is going to go loopy, and demand that ArmyNET is closed down, because now every Tom Dick and Harry has access to their Terms and Conditions of Service they'll be claiming everything under the sun and quoting chapter and verse! :lol:

    [It's OK, PSAOs needn't worry. Under current digitization programmes (JPA/DII) all human resources management will soon be entirely electronic, and we won't be able to fill in claim forms anymore. In any case, our sub-units won't be scaled for any IT equipment so we'll have to go to RHQ to fill out a form. And if we do get the networked IT kit we need...yep, you guessed it, the PSAOs will become the Keeper of the Key all over again! :evil: )
  10. Actually, not wishing to dampen your cynacism - All TA subunits/locations are getting approx 10 networked pcs - work has already started and they will become live from Jan. In fact the TA are getting them earlier than some Reg units. So not only will you be able to look up and find what your entitled to, but you can bypass the miserable old git and claim on line
  11. Ohhh, and we're all gonna be able to actually get to these terminals aren't we, there'll be absoloutely no problem with "a miserable old git" claiming that the pc they have in their office is not for public use will there? Sorry, am I being too cynical?

    Looking on the JPA blurb on ArmyNet it mentioned 1 terminal per 50 personnel for the self-service user, the rest are for the dedicated use of line-managers & professional administrators. So out of the 10 you think TA Units will be getting we won't have that many to use with even less stuff getting done on a drill night than normal because of queuing to get to the terminals that we should have access to by then, and since (according to the blurb)it's not due to "go live" until much later in the year the earlier installation of the terminals will be great fun, input whatever claim you have online & then still fill out the old form! I am curious as to why you say the reserve forces should go live before any of the regular forces.

    Not wishing to cast a pall over the whole thing, it may have it's good points - but it also has it's bad ones.

    However, ArmyNet is getting better these days :)

    edidted cos I couldn't work the quote thingy properly :oops:
  12. You are quite right to be cynical however... It is actually 1 'kiosk' per 30 soldiers, and as we know at best there will only be a 50% attendance. If you have any knowledge of a sub unit TAC then apart from the 'Old git', AO, PSI and QPSI then there should be plenty of access to the remaining (approx) 10 terminals, and that is only the first stage - more terminals will be added over the next couple of years.

    JPA & JAMES and the need to replace UNICOM are the drivers behind this role out, and yes you are right JPA is not due to start until mid 2006. However how much time do you actually spend filling in claims and updating your docs? There should be ample terminals and enough opportunity to use them without distracting from training.

    Oh agreed - ArmyNet is good, and improving all the time
  13. I think it will depend a lot on the terminals themselves, if the ones issued to line managers & professional administrators come complete with more functions (as I am supposing they will have to) than the self-service terminals do the line managers may be loathe to let others self-service users onto their terminal.

    Forgive me if I'm being dense, but according to the blurb on JPA on ArmyNet it will be a ratio of 1:20 pc's to personnel for line managers & 1:50 for self-service users initially with more to follow so I don't quite see how it can be said now that there will be so many pc's/terminal's/kiosk's available.

    My unit currently has pc's for line managers & professional administrators and frequently it is a nightmare even getting close to one of them to print a lesson plan! An awful lot of the "It's mine, so no you can't" exists. It's obviously an attitude that people have run up against in the past and are convinced they will run into again.

    As for the time currently spent filling in/changing details - you're right we don't currently spend much time doing that, but will we have to spend more time doing it when JPA comes into effect? Will we have to log into the system to get alerts like updating NOK details? Will we even get alerts if things need updating? How often would we have to log in? Currently our nice Chief Clerk lets us know when things need updating, will this change with the advent of JPA? There are still an awful lot of unknowns to contend with least of all how far out of date it will be when it finally comes into effect.

    I honestly hope that JPA will be the easy access answer that it's being touted as and that the access will be easy.
  14. The occasional user will get a more basic software set up than the standard user. However unlike the current stand alone pc's the software available will depend on whoever logs in, so the reticense of the regular user should be alleviated - not unlike hot-desking.

    You will be delighted to know that there are no plans to get rid of the Chief, and he will still be prompting you to check your docs when appropriate. In addition he will help educate any regular users who make access to terminals difficult.

    On balance, using a subunit as an example, 10 terminals for paper strength of approx 100 gives a ratio of 1:10 - That is what is actually being roled out - your stats refer to the JPA requirement of DII, and like all stats is misleading.

    In short, I'm not actually disagreeing with you, just adding some facts which hopefully will get rid of some of the fears.