Hello I wasn't too sure where to put this so I thought here was a good a place as any. I'm currently in ta (finished phase1a going to b after xmas) I'm really really enjoying it my question is this. I'm currently at uni and finding out i'm not the most academic of all people and thought it might be good to go in regs at some point (I was hoping after uni but if I fail...) is the regs that bad? I've heard all the stories I've had a good laugh in the TA every one has been friendly and made lots of new friends in there, is the regs like that too or is it just lots of beastings?
I know it seems an odd thing to ask its just I've known a fair old few people to come out of the regs but i've never really heard of any one going in and staying in or having a good time in there.

If any one understands what i'm trying to ask any help would be helpful, or would be it best to go into the recruitment office at some point?
or finish ta training if i can first. Also is the fitness really bad because i'm not the most fit person in the world (skinny bugger)

Thank you

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