TA refused from entrace to Rememberance Parade

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by sentinal, Nov 13, 2005.

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  1. Just come back from my units rememberance parade. Very nice day with lots of enjoyable moments and good to see the old faces back at the centre afterwards. Just one slight downer was that as a unit we were not allowed to take part in the main service at the local cenotaph with very little notice (about 2 days).

    Main reason being that, so we were told, was that the organisers felt that as we were to be marching in C95's and not Number 2's we were not smart enough for the parade hence the reason for no invite. This i feel is just a little unfair as the TA are not issued with Number 2's until you are a sgt or above.

    Many of the veterans and even the local councilor all commented on our absence and i feel that it is a shame that politicians can get their fingers so deep into so many pies that dedicated personell are stopped from taking part in their local parade when it is the same politicians who strive to make us to the same job with less equipment so they can save some cash here and there.
  2. we paraded in C95s including the TA , so i dont see the problem , its snobbery plain and simple
  3. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    We don't have No 2's either, and parade every year. Find out who organises your Parade, and write to complain - write to your local Paper, Councillor, and MP as well. It sounds a bit like the sort of thing some snotty Councillor or, dare I say it. snobbish British Legion Branch would indeed do = but do not let them put you off parading somewhere!

    Next year, go to another Parade - there are plenty about, and I am sure that most would be very happy to have TA on parade.
  4. The parade I was at had CS95-wearers (OTC I think) in attendance. It's the Queen's uniform, so what is the disgrace in parading in it?

    My old TA unit had stocks of OR No 2s that were drawn for parades.
  5. Chances are the local council will have given a free reign to the British Legion in this case, a swift call to the local council from the CO of the unit should do the trick ;)

    Absolutely disgraceful regardless of what dress you are in to be told you cant parade when it means just as much to serving members of the forces as it does to Ex members, its a remembrance parade not an inspection! :(
  6. That doesn't sound like a council decision? I'm only going on what the local council, and individual councillors do for us each year, and they really can't do enough to make sure we either have a unit, or representative at local war memorials.

    Which town was this?
  7. That is outrageous. We had loads parading in CS 95. It is who is there, not what they wear. It is probably some puffed up apparatchik who has no idea what the army is about and this parade is his annual big organisational moment. What would the WW2 veterans think of this ban!
  8. Whoever is the tw@t who thought this one up, they need to understand that they do not own the act of remembrance.

    I hope to hear that this blunder has been followed up, and that it will never ever happen again.
  9. What a moronic decision, we also paraded in C95's. I hope your unit manages to kick up a lot of fuss (letters to the local rag etc) and you can find somewhere else closeby that will be more thankful for your presence.
  10. Sorry for the full quote, I assume we are talking Colchester here, the British Army's second home?!

  11. From what I have heard on fairly good authority, it was Colchester Garrison who refused to allow the TA to join the parade. I believe that the local politicians were fully supportive of the TA. It is outrageous that the regular army should stand in the way of the TA parading in their local area, as many of those who would have paraded are related to the names on the Colchester Cenotaph. It is the TA that has the links to the local community, not Colchester Garrison.
  12. So next year tell the garrison to f off and let their local (TA) soldiers parade
  13. msr

    msr LE

    Or tell them to f**k off when they trawl for volunteers for their next deployment.

  14. Why the 'last minute', 'short notice' attendance?
    Your unit must have known that you would have had some representation. And where did you hear that it was a council decision?
    It smells fishier than a fishy thing from the planet fish.
    Your CO/OC wants a fcuking rocket up his arrse.
  15. msr - you beat me to it.

    Tell them that next time, you will hold your own parade.

    Clear an area in within the TAC. Get the OC to say something meaningful, then honour the silence, and then welcome those that have been on Telic and before, and celebrate the sacrifice in an appropriate manner. When they ask you where you were, tell them that you were true to the cause and did it your way. Better still do it on Pen-y-fan with a lone piper. Whatever, do it and don't let the pointy heads grind you down.

    Or do what I did today.

    After years and years of being part of a parade - even leading the parade - I stood in silence, alone with my dogs, on the top of a hill in the beautiful November sunshine and looked across the english landscape. Silence fell for two minutes and I felt every second.