TA recruits must now be 18 years old

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by fusilier50, May 26, 2012.

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  1. new rules have to be implemented with immediate effect that state TA applicants must be 18 years old in order to join. They can start the application process 28 days before their 18th birthday. They are not even allowed to come into a TAC unless they have a parent or guardian with them.

    Apparently this is all to do with Duty of Care legislation and Safeguarding Policy. As TA recruits ages differ widely you could have a 17 year old sharing accommodation with a 40 year old which is why this reaction.

    Those who have already done a selection are exempt as are those who are already in training.

    I am left wondering how the Regulars deal with the different ages they recruit. Do they segregate under 18's from older soldiers?
  2. Regulars have Winchester and Harrogate, I presume by the time they get to Phase 2 they will be 18. Surely there is still the issue regarding the age gaps at ADSC?
  3. In my last job we had 3 soldiers arrive for Phase 2 who were 17 year old, quite recently. They are treated the same as all other soldiers but have their mug shots plastered all over the NAAFI shop and bars as they can't drink or buy fags.
  4. To be honest, I think its time that the Regular Army introduced this rule as well, and I've thought this since pretty much my first day in; that the army is not the place for children.
  5. Personally talking from hindsight as someone who joined up at 16 (as a regular) and had to do the same initial training as someome in their 20's I'd say it's a good thing. I admit I dont know the ins and outs of basic training as a TA soldier but I can can see the young thruster of 16 getting fucked about by the "old sweats" of 30 who are actually doing the same basic training course.
  6. Hear hear. I totally agree.
  7. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    I was happy to join at 17 1/2 mid sixth form as it gave me extra spending money and a bit of fun though autumn annual camp was a bit of an issue. never had a problem with old sweats but child abuse hadn't been invented then so it seems. i was old enough to get by in the bar or pub and was fit enough to keep up.

    I turned up on tuesday night and was out on an ftx that friday which was much better than the way they do it now and I remain convinced that it was due to the cutbacks and justifying recruiting teams rather than the calibre of recruit. back then you went out and if you didnt like it you didnt go back. simpler and none of the problems getting kit back.
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  8. I Joined at 16, did my advanced infantry training as a 16 year old, my Commando tests as a young 17 year old. Passed out and was posted to my first Cdo unit as a young 17 year old who wasn't allowed to deploy abroad on ops because I was to young, some asset me.

    We weren't viewed as future NCO's, just young thrusters who were keen to join up, such a shame really, 50 ish joined up 9 passed out of training, some very good lads couldn't hack it, I just hope they got another crack when they were older.
  9. That is correct. For the full detail read ABN 44/12 - TERRITORIAL ARMY GROUP A TERMS OF SERVICE AGE LIMITS. It also clarifies the rules on ages for commissioning TA pax, PQOs, et al.

    In short, by complying with AGAI Vol 3, Chapter 109 and DIN 2009DIN01-024.

    I have seen some Training Establishments attempt to put U18's in separate accommodation for ease of management and Duty of Care checks, but there is no overriding need to segregate them from Over 18s.
  10. walkyrie

    walkyrie Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Very interesting. Cheers for the info F50.

    I must admit, the issue had recently crossed my mind. We've had a gang of 17/18 yr olds join recently, and they really struggle to integrate with the blokes on a drill night - and that's a very relaxed scenario with plenty of University age blokes. God only knows how they'll survive at an RTC surrounded by much older blokes. I suppose they won't.....and the TA circle of life continues.....

    From my experience, the drop out rate from TA Recruit training for those of school leaver age is 10 times higher than for older blokes (finger in the air? 20 yrs +) so a split system would be hugely uncommercial.
  11. I joined at 16, I disagree completely.
  12. Presumably this means no more needing to get everyone CRBed before they're allowed within shouting distance of recruits? (Can be a problem in a detached troop!)

    Also note that there are to be no more age waivers for POs. Because the Army has too many TAPOs, or something.
  13. I'm in sixth form and i'm in the processing of joining the TA...so i was wondering did joining the TA affect your school studies or were you alright at handling schoolwork and the TA commitments?
  14. RAF dont segregate at all, Different colour temp ID's for the NAAFI which have to be worn at all times.

    Isn't this all a bit pointless though, duty of care is provided by collective responsibility, same as health and safety.
  15. I'm sure if this had been brought in sooner the 19yr old recruit who I saw being made to suck a L/Cpl off in the back of a 4 tonner wouldn't have tasted such a savoury thing.