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Discussion in 'ACF' started by ben0239, Nov 8, 2006.

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  1. I was wondering why dont more cadets join the TA. They make good TA soldiers but there seems to be a distinct lack of them making the transition. What is the reason for this? and how can the TA get more of you to join.
  2. Apart from when some cocky little thrapper tells you he was a 4* so shouldn't have to do Phase 1 training :x
  3. I have found the AIs to be worse. I pressganged one to join her local unit, and now all I get is whinging that she has to wear issue kit, do lots of PT, and learn badges of rank all over again! Boo fckuing hoo.
  4. I think the TA sometimes think of cadet forces as a bit of a pain as some dets are within TA centres, we have been invited by differant TA regiments for open evenings to find out about TA life etc, but these failed to inspire the cadets attending. For instance they put displays on in sentry duties, cam/concealment etc, but thinking its only cadets they dumbed it down to the point that was pointless as we train to a higher level for those stands they decided to show, so the bored cadets were not interested. The O/C of the TA where im based asked me the same question as the original post, i told him they need excitement something to look forward to, i suggested showing them weapons and equipment they wouldnt normally get to see and perhaps a view of the work sheds and to put on some signals work such as antenna erection and such.
    Those cadets not joining the army tend to either choose to become adult instructors or do nothing.
    They are aware of the TA but know nothing about it!
    I think its all about selling it right to the cadets

  5. maybe your looking at the wrong cadets, ACF are not good TA recruiting material.

    The vast majority of ex-cadets in my Sqn came from the ATC
  6. some do join the TA, then that is in TA centres with good relations with the ACF, where there are TA with some difficultlies and some TA units giving off bad vibes to Cadets then they are not likely to join up.

    simple as
  7. I totally agree with troop on this one. They put displays on which are totally below the skills of the cadet age range they are after. TA co's need to come and look at the cadet force to see why they are there and elabarate on the theme. Like troop says adult instructor, regs or nowt. I know troop ex cadet like myself. TA did not tickle our fancy in the slightest. AI in cadets awesome.
  8. Just an addition here. My local TA as in Bde. Organised a TA look at life for any cadet above 15 in the Bde. i sent 5 and they all got treated like dirt. It wasn't good. They came back and de-briefed me and in turn told the rest of the cadets how crap it was. Now our det is directly next to the TA centre and could potentionally be the main pool for recruitment. After said weekend (look at life) 60 cadets are now not interested because 5 had a crap time. need to take a look at yourselfs part time soldiers and don't even bother comparing your selfs to us cause we are completely different.
  9. In my last Det, co-located in a TA Centre we got lots of promises and nothing else. Once. ONCE! I was invited to bring my senior cadets in to a TA Training Night. The TA CSM lumped them in with the Recruits. He seemed very surprised that they all got skilled on a WHT. HELLO! they are SENIOR CADETS and have been training for four plus years!

    In my current Det, co-located in a TA Centre (HO HUM!) we get nothing much of anything except for grief from the TA Staff. Our Corps (RE) runs excellent look at life courses over in Ripon and our Cadets lap them up. Plenty of recruits for Reg RE and nack all to our own co-located unit.

    I feel there is a trend developing there......

    Come on STAB's, wake up! Please, please, please encourage our Cadets. They actively want to be like you.

    Incidentally before the flack starts I am both ex Reg and ex TA myself.
  10. Perhaps some of these TA chap should attend a cadet weekend, to see the type and level of training the cadet force actually does, at least they will have a better understanding of what makes them tick, so then maybe for a recruitment drive they will have a better understanding of how to entice the cadets the their units.
    Just a thought

  11. I say you're a saucy fellow. Now you knew that would provoke a response! Like Ranger Danger says TA make no effort: in my experience, to encourage cadets. Perhaps if they did the effort would speak for itself. I am not going to get into the ACF are not as good as the ATC debate because we are all trying to achieve the same: good citizens.
  12. Perhaps the ACF should look at itself a bit more. In the NW of England, there is no support and often active blocking at county, company and detachment level to support from the TA in case we actively recruit.

    Offers of assitance and 'advanced' training are rarely accepted by Det Comds and AIs who do not want anyone interfering with their patch.

    The former cadets at my last sub-unit have joined on their own initiative and jolly good most of them are, breezing through Phases1&2 training. The problem, as far as have experienced it, seems to be with the big timing adults.
  13. Fair point, something for us all to consider.
  14. Ok I'll probably get blazed for this but the reason, in my (albeit) limited experience, is that the TA don't fecking want them. I feel its often a belief in think the otherside is shiite that doesn't help. The TA think the ACF are annoying chavs, the ACF think the TA are bunch of walt stabs. But the issue from the TA side is often clouded by substandard cadets.

    Our unit has an inordinate amount of cadets in the recruit troop, about 5 in training and at least another 2 on the boundaries.(took home paperwork etc). Unfortunatly, with one exception (who was ATC but I'm not getting into that arguement) have been a pain in one way or another. I'm not talking complete throbbers but a far less standard than expected. Now you see the mistakes they make anyother recruit would make but the DS, wheter rightly or wrongly, always expect more from someone with a level of training. Now some take the criticism well, others don't but you make a mistake then the whole of the ACF is tarred with the same brush, exactly the same thing happens when the TA works with the regs. I shall give you a few examples.

    One drill night the following happened.

    1. One partically ally looking cadet ( I say cadet not ex because he was still turning up on cadet nights) was wearing a particularly worn looking beret, badge half way round his head and was dirty and got gripped by the Big Scary Man. Don't think he has ever been shouted at in his life.

    2. Same cadet with another ex cadet stood in the middle of the drill hall, hands in pockets, listerning to a briefing from a senior rank

    3. Another ex-cadet wandering around the offices bareheaded spinning her beret around her finger and ignoring officers

    4. Yet another ex-cadet having to be told repeatedly to call an officer sir whilst he was talking to him.

    5. lastly the two cadet/ex-cadets I mentioned in point 2 missing a parade becuse they were interested in something else and didn't seem phased when they were asked where they were.

    Again all the above is not unsual for a new recruit, but more is expected from an "experienced" cadet.

    The other things that grip are those who seem to think that they have it all "sorted" with their skills and drills, i was taking drill and inspections and one person was taken aback when I picked him up for his salute, which was crap, and his turnout, he pressed it for the Friday night but hadn't bothered the whole weekend and by Sunday looked like a rag, particurly annoying was the fact that an iron, a board and Ironing training was given on the Sat night, he hadn't bothered.

    I don't want to tar them all with the same brush and apart from a couple, they will make good soldiers, but I doubt if the unit will be activily persuing them in the future.