Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by ben0239, Sep 27, 2006.

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  1. What i would like to know is why dont more cadets and otc join the territorial army once they have finished uni or have become too old to be in the cadets.
    If you have any ideas of how we can attract more OTC and Cadets into the TA they would be greatly recieved.
  2. How about running visits and presentations about the unit designed for leavers. The best time of year is around March time I would guess enough near enough the end of the academic year with out interfering with exam revision and long enough to arrange transfer from OTC to TA.

    A word to the wise would to not give the 'stock' unit presentation tailor it to the audience.

    could this be done in coordination with other TA units at the TAC
  3. eegeek makes a very good suggestion, that should be acted upon. I shall get one of my subbies to task another with the tasking :D

    The usual answer is that OTC folk go off into the big, wide world, away from their town of study. Quite why this stops them joining a TA unit at their new location has never satisfactorily been explained to me .....

    The ACF/CCF question is a little harder to answer. I've had some absolutely first rate soldiers come to us from the cadets. However, there is a view that they may be dismayed by having to start at the bottom of the pile again.

    To any ACF bods reading this: You'll get promoted quicker than most as long as you keep your gob shut. Your general skills picked up with the Cadets don't escape our notice. You still know feck all, but that is more than the other recruits :D
  4. The thing with the ACF/CCF, the ACF in particular, is that on leaving you’re essentially going 2 ways, university or the working world. University puts you in the OTC recruitment area and others looking to start a career (and have an interest in the military) will most likely be looking at regular service before TA I would think.

    5 years down the line, when whats left have tired of a 9 to 5 grind in the local Tescos, is when they might start looking at the TA. Hence the slightly older age of your average TA recruit.
  5. There is also a form of inverted snobbery within the ACF that treats any adult staff who get on with the TA as traitors to the cause. The recruiting staff for both reg and TA within your cap badges would bend over backwards to arrange fam visits, presentations, museum visits to get the kids interested, but they have to wait for the individual det cdrs to approach them as they often get cold shouldered approaching County/Sector. My experience of dealing with CEOs and Commandants has been (sadly) generally negative and unresponsive. I have had mixed results with det cdrs.
  6. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I must agre with Woops here. The Cadets (in particular the ACF, far less so with the CCF, ATC, and Sea/RM Cadets) look down on the TA. God only knows why, but it's a fact, and one that I have seen at many, many detachments over the years. Considering that the TA is always lending them stores and transport, it may seem a little ungrateful, but there you are.

    Sadly, even more than the TA, the Cadets seem to attract a fair proportion of adults with little or no knowledge of the Armed Forces in general, and the Reserves in particular. The way forward here is probably through education, mainly of the AIs and other Cadet instructors - by the TA themselves. It's another recruiting resource, don't lose it!
  7. msr

    msr LE

    BOHICA ;)

  8. msr

    msr LE

    Perhaps it could work both ways, with those leaving the TA being encouraged to look at taking up a role as an AI in the cadets?

  9. Thanks for all of the pointers, do any of you have any contact details for OTC's or ACF's in the West midlands region.
  10. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    You could probably do a lot worse than contact the West Midlands RFCA - Reserve Forces and Cadets Assoc. They will certainly have all the contact details you require.

    0121 427 5221
  11. Something really ought to be done on a country wide scale.

    I personally finished university this Summer and got in contact with my local TA unit to transfer. I did this entirely off my own back, and i know of a couple of others who have done this in their respective home locations.

    Every year many students who were members of the UOTCs around the country who actually enjoyed their time as an Officer Cadet will disappear from uniform into the big wide world when they could continue on to perhaps a TA Commission.

    I think that some kind of presentation towards the end of the academic year might be called for from the TA units local to the OTC to highlight that the Officer Cadets can transfer to their local TA unit - if only to plant the seed of thought in their brains.

    My old UOTC did this with a TA Night on a drill night where various TA units came to do a presentation to 'show their faces' and raise awareness.

    Perhaps the TA personnel ought to be accompanied by a representative of the local SERFCA who can take names and numbers and then pass them onto the individual's local SERFCA to ensure that the initial interest is followed up. An appreciable amount of admin would be required but perhaps it would be worth it in transfer numbers?

    I will only be in the TA for about a year before (hopefully) moving onto regular service, but there will many who take up graduate jobs and will perhaps allow the memories of time served in UOTC to fragment such that they do not remember that the TA exists outside of the UOTC!

    Apologies for the somewhat rambling post but i hope that it makes sense to some but i definitely think that the TA is missing a trick here!
  12. they are not allowed to appraoch cadets as a source of recruiting. They say its official policy, so ignor this pool of potential recruits, yet at the same time are unable to recruit anyone else other than ex regulars who have only a few years left in them!

    I was told as a youth organisation cadets were supposed to offer careers guidance (not just military) and are confused by the hands off policy, they want TA units to do some recruiting.

    I am, it must be said, in a specialist unit so most recruits are supposed to have civvi qualifications, but not all, we have a number of posts which ex cadets would fill very well indeed, supply specialists, driver rad ops, chefs, clerks etc, but the powers that be have close minds.

    We are about to discharge a large number of TA soldiers who are well over age, those we recruit are generally older yet as a unit we still refuse to try and encourage cadets to join.

    As it stands shortage of manpower will see the Bn dissappear over the next few years, they know how to change this course but dont have the will to do so, that would involve making a decision.

    CVHQ REME is a great unit, shame the average age seems to be around 50.

    Madness, but who would notice or care when madness is normal.

  13. I think you will find that all OTCs do offer the facility for TA units to come and inform OCdts what is available to them once they leave university. That is not recruiting it is keeping them informed. There is also a mechanism for informing all regional TA recruiting staff of graduates who are moving to their area who have expressed an interest in transferring to a Group A unit. It is mandatory for all OTCs to complete this return annually and forward it to Land who then distribute to Brigades.
  14. we are far from short of junior officers but so short of soldiers that many can see our Bn being disbanded in the not too distant future for lack of soldiers.

  15. Please find below my reply to this question in "CADETS" in the Recruiting section of the TA forum:

    My unit does a lot with our two affiliated cadet units. However, in the past 4 years we have had 2 cadets come through our doors. One was a 4* cadet who thought he knew everything and found that he didn't like going from being a big fish to a minnow practically overnight. The other seems to be a pretty well switched on kid who is about to go on the selection weekend.
    The problem that TA units have regarding cadets is that the ACF/ATC/SCC/CCF are a springboard into the regulars, not the reserves and the unfortunate side effect of the TA giving lectures etc at units is that it fosters a bigger enthusiasm to join the regs in the cadets.
    Those that do join the TA are usually mid-20s having got a career and realised that they liked the cadets so they will join the TA. I am sure it works with the OTC to some extent too.