TA Recruitment?

OK guys, question / discussion. Please advise.

I'm ex-infantry (RMA 1, med section)
UK registered Paramedic (PA*****)
Offshore Medic
Recent ALS & PHTLS requals + a few other bits (PHEA / RSI etc)
I specialise in remote and hazardous environment medicine and work in Iraq as a contractor.

I've been told that the mil are looking to recruit qualified medics to support deployments and UK based training.

I've also been told that:

Paramedics are not recognised as a medical dicipline and therefore they're required to go back through the CMT training system?
They have to join as a junior rank?
They're not commisionable?

Now I'll sign on again, but my willingness to assist, shouldn't be confused with stupidity. I'll only sign on again if my skills and quals are used correctly by the mil.

So, what's the score guys? Does anyone know what's what because there seems to be a great deal of mis-information about this subject.

Short answers, as I'm sure a self professed expert such as Top Soldier will be along soon...

1) Correct, "paramedic" is not a trade in the RAMC, despite much pressure to change for the better. You would be a CMT, and what training you need to do can be discussed before/on joining.
2) Correct, you will start at Pte, unless you left the regs/TA very recently in which case you can usually keep your old rank.
3) Correct, there are no commissioned posts for paramedics or CMT's. If you wanted to commission, your best hope would be to do so as an MSO in later life.

None of this should be a problem, as your "skills and quals" will be used regardless of the above - in fact more so.

The AMS TA will I'm sure welcome you with open arms given your skills and experience - you have a choice of joining a medical unit (local or national unit), or you could look to an infantry unit etc to take you. Give your choice of unit a lot of consideration.

Or, look at the RAFR - they do have paramedic as a trade.


I think (they were advertising on the College of Paramedics website a while ago) SF (R) recruit paramedics directly to their MSU where I guess your skills will be more understood and appreciated.

You have PM too.

Thanks Guys.

Too old for UKSF support, and I have no desire to flog myself to death doing Pre-P and P Coy. I'd happily sign on again with The RIFLES, because that's my old mob, but not if I'm going to be thrashed until I puke through Phase 1 and 2 again.

You have answered my questions perfectly. I suspect that there are quite a few paramedics like me that would sign on, but choose not to because of the way we're perseived by the military. This subject has also been discussed within the CoP, and the general thought is if you're a Paramedic, don't sign on until the mil gets its act together. However, I'm still keen to do my bit, and I know I could be of use within an RAP.

Just out of interest, why is it that Paramedic is not an RAMC trade. Is it a political thing? You'd think that Paramedics would be encouraged to sign on.

I'd be interested in your thoughts.

Cheers, Sundog Out.



Where did you get the infomation that you're too old for SF(R) Support roles? And how old are you, as I've been told they recruit upto 44 for medical professionals as opposed to 34 (with previous) for SF(R) itself.

I'm in a similar position (ex-military and HPC paramedic) and looking at the options for paramedic work within the forces again, but can't find much where it's recognised and valued.

Definately too old. All was going well with SF support until they realised that I was 49. I'm now 50, and allbeit I thought my soldiering days were over, I now work in Iraq and have been told by other paramedics that as a UK registered Paramedic, I could still sign on. Apparently it's a matter of discretion for the CO?

The RIFLES would be my choice, but as I've already said, I'm not going to sign on if I'm going to be beasted through Phase 1 and 2 again. I left that behind when I was 17.

I'd be interested to hear from anybody who's got the spin on recruiting HCPs wishing to serve with Bns.

Sundog out
Hi Sundog,

I think it may all boil down to how long you've been out of the mob.

I have similar quals to you (ex-reg CMTI, BARTS, Offshore medic, BASICS PHEC, contracting in Iraq) and I joined the TA last month as a CMT attached to the HAC in London. Originally the RAMC told the unit I couldn't join because it's been 8 yrs since I left the regs. Eventually they relented but I've lost my class I, my L/Cpl AND even my army number (which hurts the most).

So I'm just trying to see everything as refresher training, I'm getting my rank back within the year and they'll push through my CMT II and I asap. Not that it means a great deal anyway because I'm still doing med covers on my own, teaching etc. and still doing everything i did as a class I in the regs.

You may see my acceptance of starting from scratch as stupidity (and I do wonder myself sometimes) but I'll soon be back where I left off, it's just a question of sucking it up in the meantime. The main thing is i'm back doing something i want to do and you are still imparting your knowledge and experience to the blokes.
Mr d,

The past couple of times I've done the course with Capita Health Solutions up in Montrose although I would like to do the one run by the NHS at Nottingham University Hospital, I think the syllabus looks better.

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