TA recruitment weekend 7/8 January

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Cornelius, Dec 24, 2005.

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  1. Anyone else here going to be in Grantham that weekend?

  2. Bump - to keep this near the top.

    I know of at least one other ARRSEr who intends being there Corn. Would you please post more details of the event because I know there are a number of "almost-ready-to-sign-up" visitors to Just TA who might enjoy the safety in numbers.
  3. I would if I had them at work, rather annoyingly I'm off scuba diving on Boxing day until the 3rd January :D
    I'll take them with me and try and get to an internet cafe and post the details a bit later this week.
    Off the top of my head though it's a mid morning start on the Saturday through to Sunday afternoon "show you what we do" weekend. It's not a selection weekend and there is no commitment to join if you go! Accomodation & food provided IIRC. It's the RLC before anyone asks and no, I haven't a clue what to wear.
    Mind you, I'm still not sure I'm going as they never call me back...[1]
    Will post more soon,

    [1] TA Recruitment in action.
  4. Would be interesting in going myself, but can find no mention on the net.

    I have found similar issues before, where events are not advertised and you only find out about it after the event.

    Last year there was a large TA recruitment event. I phoned for tickets, but they never arrived. A phone call to the local unit promised replacement tickets - however these never arrived. consequently I never attended.

    and there say they want to recruit more people!!!!!

    on the contary the Reserve RAF keep sending me invitations to open days!!!!
  5. Dont join the RlC in grantham unless you have years to do the training it has taken from july to january to oragnise tafs1 and tafs 2 which is applaing and to long that is why im leaving the TA and goin to join the marines.
  6. nufc_rulz - I think when people are blowing the recruitment bugle, your comments are ill timed and inappropriate. This is just what has happened to you not everyone. Anyway with spelling like yours - the marines is probably the best place for you.
  7. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    Details as I have them are:

    1000 start at Grantham on the Saturday morning (although if you're travelling from further afield like me, they'll provide accomodation on the Friday night as well, as long as you appear by 2200)

    Give the recruiting Centre a call and they'll arrange to pick you up from the station too. PM me if you don't have the number.

    Finishes around lunchtime on the Sunday. As Corn says above, all meals and accom provided and they'll pay for car mileage or a train ticket.

    Dress with a view to a lot of it being done outside as well.
  8. Yup 10:00 start on Saturday and finish at lunchtime on Sunday. Food and accomodation provided. They are also running another weekend on the 4/5 March
    "The aim of the familiarisation weekend is to give you a flavour for life in the RLC TA and give you an opportunity to have 'hands-on' experience of some of our activities and have some fun."
    I've got the number so pm me if sixtyfoot isn't answering.
    Hope to see you there, I've given them another ring so hopefully they'll call me back. :p
  9. because people like you dont give it a chance

    stick through it then complain :p

  10. Besta luck then.