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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by ZuluZulu, Aug 4, 2008.

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  1. Any experts around? Specifically on the rules and regs of re-enlistment.

    I was talking to an old mate of mine last night and he is on about joining a local TA unit. Trouble is that he was booted out post Falklands. He's had a chat with them regarding his age (45) they're ok with that, limit is apparently 53!! Talk about Dads Army!

    Anyway, here's the story;

    Came back from the Falklands as a messed up 19 year old and got into all sorts of trouble. Usually daft things. Travelled the well worn route, three month warning order etc and found himself booted out SNLR.

    Since then he eventually sorted himself out and now holds down a good job with a responsible position. Not been in any civilian trouble but went through the mill in a big way post Falklands (not alone in that I hear you say) nor was he alone in getting booted out. There is a commonly held belief that there was a purge on Falklands Vets in the couple of years following 82 but thats another story.

    Back to the point; does anyone have any gen advice on the regs regarding joining the TA after a SNLR ?

    Edit: forgot to say, he's fit as a lop. Tested himself the other day; mile and a half was just over 9 minutes.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Which unit is saying this?

    Here are TA Regs:

    5.013. General
    a. With effect from 1 April 2007, the maximum age for enlistment for TA Group A soldiers will be the day before their 43rd birthday. Soldiers will initially sign on for a 12 year engagement which, subject to their age, satisfactory performance, retention of medical fitness for role and vacancies appropriate for their rank and employment would be eligible for a further extension of 12 years. On completion of 24 years ’ service and subject the provisions outlined above, soldiers would be eligible to re-engage for periods of up to 6 years at a time until they reached the normal retirement age (NRA) of 55 years or the age specified for certain forms of employment in Annex C/5. (Subject to the provisions outlined above, soldiers over the age of 43 years on completion of their initial engagement will be offered a reduced engagement until they reach the age of 55 years or the age specified at Annex C/5.)

    b. Voluntary Discharge. Recruiters are to ensure that new entrants are advised that this revision of the length of an initial engagement does not change an individual ’ s right to seek discharge at his own request at any time. (see para 5.188 and Section 16 RFA 96.)

    c. Discharge. The introduction of these revised rules of engagement does not change the regulations laid down in Part 6 of this chapter for the discharge of soldiers for other reasons.

    5.014. Ex-Regular Soldiers. Ex-Regular soldiers who enlist into TA Group A after their 43rd birthday will be granted a reduced period of engagement to enable them to serve until age 55 or the age specified for their employment in Annex C/5.
  3. I guess that covers it.

    The info came from the online careers office.
  4. 12 years?! Is that what they have to do? Never knew that, can they get out earlier or is that them tied to that length of contract?
  5. msr

    msr LE

    In which case he may be caught by section c:

    Categories not Eligible to Enlist 5.036.

    The following may not be accepted for enlistment or re-enlistment except as provided for in sub para b:

    a. Persons serving in the Royal Navy, Regular Army, Royal Marines, Royal Air Force or the Royal Irish Regiment(HS).

    b. Persons serving in any reserve of the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Royal Air Force or the Northern Ireland Police Service unless approval has been given by the appropriate department of the Ministry of Defence to the officer in charge of the authority administering the reservist. Approval is to be obtained by the Unit by a submission in the form of the memorandum shown in Annex E/5.

    c. Persons who have been discharged from any of Her Majesty ’ s Forces or the Northern Ireland Police Service for misconduct of any sort or who have been discharged from the Army under QR (Army), para 9.404, or with a character assessment of less than ‘ Satisfactory ’ (or ‘ Good ’ if prior to 1 October 1984) except where the assessment was lower solely on account of insufficient service. (See para 5.062b.) Confirmation of character assessment given on discharge may be obtained from the TA & Res MCM Div if the information given by the applicant cannot be verified by the production of a certificate of discharge. This also applies to ex members of RN, RM and RAF when the TA & Res MCM Div can obtain this information from the relevant record office of the other Service. This check should be completed before enlistment.

    d. Persons who have been convicted of a serious offence by a civil court except where there is evidence of reformation and where the enlistment is recommended by the commander CVHQ or the commanding officer of the unit.

    e. Persons in receipt of a disability pension from any source (except as laid down in para 5.062 and 5.073).

    f. Aliens; unless they are also dual nationals and British subjects, see para 5.037 and Annex F/5. Rules governing eligibility for enlistment are at Chapter 3 to TA Enlistment Instructions 1996 (Army Code No 63522).

    g. Reserved.

    h. Members of the Merchant Navy unless the unit is satisfied that they can reasonably be expected to fulfil their training liabilities and be available for mobilization. i. Persons belonging to the Regular Forces of any Commonwealth country.

    But it is down to his local unit at the end of the day.

  6. msr

    msr LE

    You can get out more or less whenever you want - being mobilised is one such exception.

    The move to 12 years was to cut down the bureaucracy of re-enlisting people every three years.


  7. Do they have that level of lattitude these days then ? Can the local unit commander admit someone even given the history I outlined above?
  8. msr

    msr LE

    There's only one way to find out....

    And if the TA say 'no' then ask your local ACF unit - they are always looking for instructors.

  9. My Discharge Certificate/Certificate of Service doesn't have a character assessment on it. :?

    I wasn't that bad!
  10. msr

    msr LE

    Were you discharged for misconduct?
  11. No.

    Reason for discharge: "At the soldier's request."

    Basically I had had enough of it. 5 years, 85 days.

    Just curious as to why there was no assessment on the certificate. Doesn't even look as though there was a heading for one....
  12. Having just come back from an RSW, I picked up strongly that it was down to the unit. After that length of time, I can't see many 'struggling for recruits Sergeants' saying no without checking characters etc. Making an appeal to the better side of someone's nature would also be an advantage.

    Or of course you could simply not declare it...

  13. Was that meant for me or him?

  14. Did you go on any ops? On one of the AFBs (108? dunno) the assessment is only filled in if the person has been mobilised.
  15. To be sure, under a TA 12 year contract - if I was to serve 5 years and resign would I be subject to the same obligations as the Regular Reserve for the remaining 7 years?