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Big reader of these forums for about a year now and over the last month have been attempting to join the TA as a TAPO.

Following my online application some time ago, I was contacted by a YODA (Young Officer Development Advisor) and went to visit a couple of regiments.

I've been attending one in particular for a few weeks and have interviewed with the OC who has told me to book myself a 2nd interview at the local AFCO in order to be booked onto ADSC. When I phoned up the AFCO, they refused to book it and said I had to go in for a 'chat' first.

Is it standard practice to be put through ADSC before going for AOSB briefing?
...the OC who has told me to book myself a 2nd interview at the local AFCO in order to be booked onto ADSC. When I phoned up the AFCO, they refused to book it and said I had to go in for a 'chat' first.
The OC told you to book an interview at the AFCO. The OC told you that the AFCO interview was a prelude to being loaded onto ADSC.

Instead, you telephoned the AFCO, refused an interview and demanded to be put directly onto ADSC. That's how it reads.

You do understand that the Army is an organisation that expects people to do as they're told?

Try this. Phone the AFCO and say "Sorry. There's been a misunderstanding. I've been advised that I need to attend an interview with you in order to be booked onto ADSC. Please may I arrange a date for the interview?"

I'd also suggest that you read this: Territorial Army Potential Officer Training - ARRSEpedia

Maybe you haven't researched what a TAPO is - "A soldier already serving with the TA may volunteer or be selected for PO training." It follows that you have to do ADSC to get into the TA. Then you ask if you can be put forward for a commission.
The process has just changed and things are to be done differently now to if you had started just a few weeks ago. I'm quite sure that you would still need to go in for a chat though. You will then need to do things such as your BARB test but you may be able to do this then depending on how helpful the person you see is. If your going in as a TAPO there will be a lot to do before AOSB briefing. They are trying to speed the process up but I would suggest you prepare yourself for a 3 months + wait and a lot of running about.

The good news is they are doing a lot to speed up the process of commissioning. This could take a couple of years before but this could now be 9 months or even an 8 week intensive course. They need a lot of TA officers quick.

The following may be of use but i would expect you have it.

Thanks Lord,

I've just been on the phone to the local AFCO and they've said there's nothing they can do as the whole system is changing - apparently their computers are being shut down in a couple of weeks!

They said just keeping attending on Tues nights and get to know the people and that hopefully the National Recruiting Centre will get in touch. The chap I spoke to was a nice guy - said I could go down just to chat about life in the TA etc.

Hopefully this will get sorted soon! Thought the process would be slicker than this following a recruitment drive!!
It is a bit of a nightmare as the process changes over to be run by the private firm I think is called Capita. Staff at Westbury have been made redundant and all recent applications are apparently in a box somewhere.

I'm quite sure that under the new system you do things like the BARB test on-line which should hopefully speed the process up and make life easier. You will then be tested again later on in the process to ensure you have not had help when doing it on-line.

There will also be a push for TAPO's to do there training with a UOTC or on an intensive course. Assuming you get onto the training you could only go to your unit once you have commissioned.
Don't run before you can walk. The process is indeed arduous, strung out and frankly, in need of major overhaul.

Find a local unit that suits, join as a Tom, do your initial training, get to know the lads (and lasses) and how it all works, and in the meantime go through the AOSB interview and briefing process.

Take each step at a time is my advice!

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