TA Recruitment news item on Radio 1 at 12:45 today?

Hi All,

Radio 1 are aparently going to have a small peice on problems in TA recruitment during their news show at 12:45 today.

I don't expect it to say anything we don't already know, I just think its odd that Radio 1 would cover such a thing. I'll be listening...

The jurno was ATR(B) interviewing recruits on the TA CMS(R) So it should have some good things to say about the TA for a change and not the usual negative crap
Highlights of the item:

"100's leaving every month"

"6000 short of full strength"

"We're treated the same as Reg Counterparts - MOD"


And the usual whinge from Dave Corrighan. One person who has an act to grind in 13,000 TA sent on Telic

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