TA Recruitment; How Does It Work?!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by CamNostos, Aug 23, 2012.

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  1. I am hearing so many conflicting reports on this at the moment - does anyone even know, or are we following the age old Army tradition of 'make it up as you go along'? I have been informed by my local AFCO that even as a former Regular I will now have to go through the full recruitment process as if I was joining the Army for the first time, I went in yesterday to complete BARB testing etc.

    If they seemed certain that I had to go through this ball ache I would just get on with it, but I keep coming away with the distinct impression that they really don't know either way. Anyone with a definitive answer please get back to me, I am sure that there are other former Soldiers getting pissed about in a similar fashion. Its just as well we don't need 30,000 Soldiers of a Regular standard to appear from nowhere and join the TA in the next few years... Right?
  2. It depends on how long ago you left the regulars. Of the top of my head I am not sure the full rules but if for example you left within the last 12 months you do not need BARB etc. However if you left a few years then yes you probably do need to start from scratch. If you can get access look at Recruiting Group Instructions Ch 11.
  3. I left approx 20 months ago. I have been informed that I will not have to do Phase 1 equivalent again which is ideal. Is that a new directive? I have a friend who left the Regulars for a year or two and then just rocked up on Drill Night and got cracking.
  4. Again I may be wrong but I thought if you left less than 3 years ago you did not have to do phase 1. Rather than talking to the AFCO call into your local TAC and have a word with the permanant staff.
  5. Forgot to add, as you have been out for 20 months the AFCO/TAC will have to submit an AFB203 to Glasgow to get authority to recruit. This can take 6 months to clear so be prepared for a wait.
  6. Did you just go to the careers office or have you been to the TAC ? Or have the TAC sent you to the careers office ?

    I know the process is changing so that all recruitment goes via the AFCO, but we still have people recruited directly and train with us till all the necessary work is done. If you have been outside for 20 mths then you shouldn't do training again but a medical will be required, you shouldn't need to do a BARB unless the TA unit you are aiming at is different to what you served with as a regular, however may just be doing it to keep you engaged whilst Glasgow sorts itself out. Again you shouldn't need to do the ADSC, but they may just send you on it, if anything to check your fitness due to all the pork pies you have guzzled in those 20 mths, if so go on it, its alright, try to shine, I have seen ex-regs on plenty of them.

    The thing you have to hang onto is that at times it may seem they don't want you but they probably do, the unit will want your experience, the AFCO will need you for the numbers, but they are all at mercy to Glasgow and at times they seem to have an agenda of their own, so try not to rant off at the unit personnel as they have little control once the paperwork has been sent off.
  7. Is that even if they have vacancies? Can you start before your 203 comes back? Thanks for the advice.
  8. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    The Army Form B203 is a Special Enlistment form which needs to be submitted for anyone who has any sort of previous service as well as for certain other types of potential recruits (those who would normally fall outside enlistment requirements etc.) and you cannot be attested until this has been processed and your enlistment approved. The processing times at APC vary and at this time of year the whole bureaucratic machinery of the Army seems to be on a go slow. We are currently averaging a 6 week processing time for 203s at my unit and this is considered fast.

    Depending on your unit, there is nothing stopping them allowing you to come in on Drill Nights, although what you'll be able to do there will naturally be fairly restricted.
  9. OK, Thanks for all the helpful information. It would appear this is going to take a lot longer than I thought!
  10. 6 weeks for 203's, you're lucky. We have some outstanding from Feb/March.

    Our unit would not allow any-one to attend on drill nights if they had not been attested. I think there are insurance implications.
  11. As said, you won't be technically covered to be on the premises. But depending on the unit you can attend on the Drill Nights and a note taken of your attendance. When Attested you may be lucky and a days pay or so is processed for you.

    This is not done everywhere, but IMHO its a good working practice to pay for your time.
  12. I am in a similar position at the moment albeit i have been out 4 years. The problems are the number of ex service personel deciding to join the TA has risen dramatically and the fact that glasgow have very few people working on this. The TA regt which i am hoping to join has a list of roughly 20 names who are all rejoiners stuck in the system. Unfortunately its just going to be a case of wait out.

    You would think that this would be sorted out sooner rather than later as they want to double the TA's capacity. It's made to sound like a major operation but how hard is it to simply "reactivate" someone. Im hoping to join by 2020.............
  13. I am in a similar situation.
    I left the Regs 6 1/2 years ago after serving 14 years. I had intended to join the TA however have been focusing on my civi career. I have remained on the reserve list.
    My current job is as a camera man for BBC News, and whilst filming soldiers training for OP Herrick the press officer said that the TA desperately need camera operators for the Media Operations Group MOG(V). I phoned, applied and after a selection weekend was offered a position as the FIRST and only qualified camera operator in the group. Their intention is that I will mentor and train other TA soldiers in camera and media skills.
    I have had to join my local TA unit and then be transferred over to MOG (V). The Unit are saying that I have to do phase 1 training and start from scratch.
    I understand that my Military skills are rusty but surely to have to go through phase one is excessive and expensive. Do I really need to learn how to bull boots, iron my uniform and about turn on the move all over again ! I'm sure that MATT'S would very quickly bring my basic skills up to date and as for fitness I can still pass and exceed the basic tests.
    If I were called up on the reserve list I wouldn't have to go through phase 1 again.
    This is causing a sticking point as the initial commitment is quite time intensive and MOG (V) are wanting me in so I can get cracking. Also the recruitment process has been ongoing since January. Maybe the TA need to formulate an EX Regular training programme which focuses on the skills needed to bring the already experienced soldier up to date with any skills in accordance with current military doctrine. Rather than teaching them to suck eggs.
  14. Interesting point, but possibly mute. Yes, all the marching up and down is pointless if you have been a reg Infantryman, but we had ex Corps bods rock up and stuggle with some of the most basic Infantry skills because their roles were very much removed from being Infantry.

    There needs to be a system to ensure EVERYONE is up to standard, and sometimes, people are way above that standard already, but that needs to be proven before being allowed out to play with big guns and so on.

    What with Glasgow struggling with documentation, units cannot afford to just except folk on face value. There might be something in the persons former service that makes them unsuitable and therefore the unit does not want to spend time and effort on someone only for them to be rejected.
  15. I can see that, and off course there are some EX Regs who were maybe not that good while they were serving. However if you are joining as a subject matter expert in your civi role and the TA would like to utilise this, and your previous military records can back up your suitability as a soldier on discharge. Then wouldn't it be worth having a look at that individual and then asses his suitability for enlistment, and decide on what requirements they feel that person needs to bring him/her up to speed. I'm not Ex Infantry and wouldn't join an Infantry Unit for that very reason. I'm an Ex Logistics Radio Operator and am joining an RLC TA unit to which I had 14 years experience in prior to discharge. My camera qualifications is also an RLC trade in the Regulars.