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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by 303SMLE, Aug 19, 2005.

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  1. .......For some unknown reason, I got through the post this morning two identical brochures inviting me to join the TA as an RLC specialist, under the title "Feeling Special?"! :lol: Maybe its just my mong-related sense of humour, but I pissed myself. Does the RLC really want 'special' people in its ranks? 8O :lol:

    On a more serious note, I think that every recruitment brochure I have ever been sent by the TA has come as part of an identical pair, often with the same postmark. Is there a cunning hope that I will distribute my spare copy to my friends, because it does strike me as something of a waste of cash. I just hope they send my pay-cheques in identical pairs too!

  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    The RLC is noted for providing a home to 'special' people, in fact they could be known as the 'special' forces.

    Especially the Pioneers...
  3. ^^ 303SMLE, both are known issues and hopefully to be resolved this year. Would you be good enough to pm me with more details so I can feed it into the chain, I don't need to know who you are but general location (e.g. the North West), how you enquired initially and what you told them you were interested in would be helpful.
  4. 303SMLE - F**k them off join the infantry!!!
  5. 303 As you have already posted saying you were thnking of joining the RWR ( a fine regiment, pity their welsh':lol:', mind you could be worse they could be mash). Forget the "specialists" I use that word loosley, go Infantry. You'll get much more out of it':D'.

    To answer your other post Normally TAFS1 is in house, either a weekend or done over Drill Nights. Tafs 2 1W/E at the Regional Trg Centre. Then Infantry Trg of 6/7 Weekends. A NBC w/e and to top it of 2 Weeks at Catterick for CIC(Combat Infantrymans Course). After that you are then ready for the magical lottery that is Mobilisation.

    Disclaimer..... This is based on 51Bde, should anybody from other Bde's want to offer their opinions feel free. As of 2008 we will all be part of the 1st Bn. Royal Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish,English and Comonwealth Combined Volunteer Regiment. How do I know, Tony told me.:roll:
  6. Abacus, while you're at it can you get the dropdown menus on the RLC TA pages fixed.
    Oh yeah - and turn this glass of water next to my desk into a bottle of wine/pint, cheers!
  7. As I said, I recieved these brochures "for some unknown reason", as I had enquired about TA Inf and the RWR. (Where I am starting shortly.) I suppose that someone must have told them that I can shout "MORE PEPPER" without injuring myself, so the RLC are trying to poach me. :D 8O
  8. Sadly no influence over RLC - I can do wine into water for you though ;)

    As an update, 303SMLE sent me more details as requested. They were discussed on Saturday along with other items of concern re recruitment with a (very) high up in TA CoC. I have no idea if this will prove to be influential or not but I believe it was worth the effort and it was certainly well received.

    With regards to the comments re Joining the Infantry, this was the point I made:

    We spend squillions advertising all the TA and the first thing a keen, young, prospective infantryman recieves is the Specialist TA Brochure which has photos of anything other than young (or thin) infantrymen.
  9. Mind You, If Got to go 'Gliding' I'd happily shout " MORE PEPPER" :wink: . I would'nt want to be in the RLC though!! :oops:
  10. ^Oh it has it's moments - still waiting on the gliding though :oops:
  11. Have you tried going into the mess tent :( , tasting the stewing socks :? and shouting the well known line "MORE PEPPER". I think that's where you are going wrong. :D .
  12. ^:lol:

    For the benefit of our viewers in foreign lands (especially those in singers) - sweatysock refers to a recent TV Advertisement for the RLC featuring a surprisingly thin chef (never trust a thin chef) who gets to fly gliders at Her Maj's expense just because he is in the TA. We know he must be a senior chef as he gets to taste whatever gloop is bubling away merrily and shouts, "More pepper!" before exiting stage right. What we don't know is how he gets to fly gliders but that's a whole new debate...

    Presumably "More pepper!" is a secret code which the junior chefs take to mean, this stuff tastes OK - make a mess of it quick. Conspiracy theorists now believe that Sodhexo have infiltrated the RLC with moles intended to make their offerings look good by comparison.

    And for the benefit of our chefs please be aware that this is intended as a humorous post - I have been very well served by all the chefs who have served me whilst serving with me - keep up the good work folks - but ease off on the pepper.
  13. :wink: The way things are going we will all end up with the same cap badge soon (the Right big Royal Regt of GB)?.....
    As for the "Gliding/Pepper"thing, i take it you all seen the "Recce Section comd" Ad now showing?
    Bollocks or Wot?
    I can just see me at my Civi job telling the blokes to "Shut IT" before getting beaten to death!!!!
    Join the Infantry...it will make you tough,and you will get to tell your workmates to"Bugger Off"
    Is this the best we can do of the Ad for the INF?
  14. Is anyone else Fcuked off with the Medical Specialist one? Imagine trying to chat up a nurse, asking for her name and she comes out with some twoddle about being a Capt?!?!!!! Oh Yeah, well my names Paddy/Osama, give me 2 secs while I make ready and Kneecap you, where do they find these people??!! And what hat exciting things did she do at the weekend? Marshal reversing vehicle and inject a morphene tab into someones leg? I feel competitive woman syndrome coming out.... wish someone would inject me with morphene....

    What do you mean about the gliding? You can do anything with the Army......
  15. You can even believe the adverts.

    Seriously, I bet none of us on here have been gliding, ever. But you do have to admit that most of us will have had the opportunity at some point to do some pretty fun exciting stuff that we would never have done if we didn't spend our weekends training to sit on Her Majesty's Army Substitutes Bench. Even at the moment, with a reasonably high tempo of training and not much time for fun/sport/AT, it is still fun and enjoyable and rewarding. If it wasn't, we wouldn't all still be doing it.

    As for those nurses....Don't knock the RAMC/QARANC. One day, your life may be hanging in the balance. Because your glider has crashed.