TA recruitment. Clerk not being particularly helpful.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by ReadySalted, May 28, 2008.

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  1. Hi, I'm aware this should probably be in the "Joining the TA" segment, but I'd like as much exposure for this topic as possible. (As cheeky as that may be :oops: ).
    Right, bit of a problem. I'll explain.
    I've been in the TA about 12 months, and currently work 3 days a week in my local ACIO, helping out, doing odd bit of paperwork etc. So far I've recruited 3 lads, who are being put on "Midlands Challenge" which is a course run over the summer, to condense the usual 6 weekends & 2 weeks course training, into a 4 week 'intensive' course.
    Ive got another two lads who very interested in the TA, very fit, and keen; ideal recruits...
    I told them to pop down to the TAC tonight, to get the info they need and ask the clerk any questions they may have. (Since I know next to nothing in the way of dates, how to arange courses, and I've had no form of recruitment training).
    The lads have been down tonight, and I've given them a quick ring to find out how they've got on. They both report that it was absolutely useless, the clerk was apparently unhelpful, fobbed them off, and fed them incorrect information.

    Now, these are good lads, and I'm Fuucked if I'm going to let them have them slip away because someone isn't doing their job properly.
    I have alot of free time, and am willing to devote as much as nessecary to getting these lads in, however, I'm a trooper, have had no recruitment training, and my only asset that I can use when speaking to nessecary people, is that I work in an ACIO.
    How you may be able to help:
    I need to know if it's a silly thing to do by sticking my nose in and trying to get these guys on courses, and getting info for them. At my unit I'm seen as (And essentially this is what I am), just a normal trooper, who works at the ACIO shredding paper, and making tea, a few days a week, to earn a bit of cash.
    So is it silly for me to launch a one man crusade to recruit two lads?
    If not, where is my first port of call? (I presume it would be the Adj? I can give him a ring, explain the situation, but obviously, I'm not out to make the crerk look bad, so I'll need to be careful when explaining why I'm taking up the sabre of trying to organize these lads' training).
    Who else is there I can contact?
    Am I being a dickk?

    Any help would be great. Cheers.
  2. Whilst I applaud your enthusiasm. A couple of things sound out of place.

    Why, if you have been for 12 Months. Have you not had any recruit training.

    If you are the first point of contact, Why do you not know the dates.

    Are you employed through the ACIO as a Civvie, or are you on TA pay. If on TA pay, why is ACIO work more important than Training.

    The next question again is Why have you not had any recruit training in 12 months.

    If what you say is correct, your unit OC requires a swift kick in the nads.

  3. He said no recruitment trg, not recruit trg. Sounds like he works in the ACIO as a civvy.

    I'm not in the TA, so I can't comment specifically on the situation - but do you have an OIC Recruiting? If not, then the usual answer to something like this is surely to follow it up the chain of command.

  4. When I say I've had no recruit training, I mean training on how to recruit. i.e. Courses.
    I've done all my training, and am deploying on my first tour this Oct. (Apologies, I should've made that clearer)
    I'm employed and paid (or supposed to be), by the TA when I work in the ACIO. (Although I also work alot of days at the TAC aswel, I'm not classed as a Full time reservist, or on any kind of FTRS, I simply have just been given a much much larger allowance of MAN training days).

    The reason I have no dates, is because I'm essentially nothing to do with recruiting, I'm just helping out with the odd bits of regular recruiting, and odd jobs in a careers office. However, people who want to join the TA, often turn up at the ACIO, and it's helpful that I'm there to point them in the right direction, and in some cases give them as much infomation drawn from my (albeit very limited), experience with the TA, it's joining process, and training.
    So although I am the first point of contact, this is simply, because potential recruits go to the ACIO instead of the TAC, and I'm there to point them in the right direction. For this reason, I've not been given any dates for training courses for new recruits etc. as it's not really my job to recruit. I do however feel, that the resources I have avaliable, with alot of free time, and a bit of initiative, I could get these lads into training. It's simply (or not, as the case may be), just a question of, will I look stupid for trying to do it? and if not, who do I talk to/ where do I start?
  5. Apologies :oops: , My fine Wife Beater has affected my vision.

    Why hasn't the Brigade BRAT team, Regiment RRTT (do they still exist. one army and all that). Passed on the relevant info to the ACIO :?
  6. These lads need to make the decision to join the TA before they can start doing any courses…
    Sounds to me like you’re slightly overly keen :D

    If they didn’t like the TAC they’ve visited then direct them to another one.
    There’s nothing else you can do but leave them to make their minds up.
  7. I've never heard of any sort of RRT for our regiment, there seems to be no great deal of active recruiting, just a steady trickle of new recruits, who pop their head in the door of the TAC and ask to join.
    The ACIO seem to steer clear of any sort of TA recruitment. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure they're as helpful as they can be. However, in the past, when guys have gone into the careers office they've given them the little information they have on the TA, and told them to visit the TAC to find out the proper information, and be actually recruited. However since I've been there, I speak to the odd TA enquirer, give them as much info as I can, and then send them to the TAC.
  8. Right. You should NOT be the first point of contact. The ACIO permanent staff, presumably a SNCO, is there to do that. Sorry, but with only 12 months behind you, you just don't have the experience.

    You can be an added bonus - less scary to the potential recruits and able to explain things from a sprog's point of view (no offence) which will put the potential recruits further at ease.

    The permanent staff should be handling this. They have the rank and experience that will change the attitude of unhelpful clerks.
  9. Goku, they're sure they want to join, it's just the clerk was too busy using her phone texting, to answer their questions, and gave them a very "Computer say's no" impression. I suppose I may appear like a keen little monkey (It's only meeee. http://youtube.com/watch?v=Jw2EriAlXdI ). But at the end of the day, I'm keen to impress, and these lads are keen to join. It seems silly to sit back when I could be getting these lads on courses etc.
  10. Ready Salted,

    There must be someone at your TAC who deals with recruits, and not the numb nut who you already mentioned. Get the details of the potential recruits and fire them up the chain.

    As for the numb nut keep shutting their head in the TAC front door until unconscious, then throw them out into the street as an example to others.

    And well done for having a bit of enthusiasm.

    RS was talking about Summer Challenge which is designed for recruits.
  11. Right, cheers for your input and help fellas.
    What I'll do then, is wait until my unit PSI gets back off his course, on Monday, pop in to the TAC, or give him a ring, and explain it all to him. If he is unhelpful, then I'll speak to the adj. I don't want to seem as though I'm passing a buck that isn't mine to pass, but I understand that the best thing for me to do, is to inform others who CAN sort this out, rather than trying to sort it out myself and gain a few brownie points in the process.
    Fair one?
  12. The mind boggles as to why a clerk was left to look after potential recruits, unless this is an AGC unit???

    Admin monkeys should be left in their box to shuffle paper :D
  13. Recruiting is the responsibility of all ranks. Young lads and lasses do not relate to old sweats that are the same age as their parents.

    The best advert for the TA is word of mouth. If good training is in place (with a fun/social element at times) the blokes will go away and tell their mates and hopefully others will join.

    Our unit has a Cpl on ADC working as a point of contact for recruits. He knows and understands the RTC sausage machine, and is available to answer any questions they may have. It works, in a few months we should have a Plt and some at one location. Retention.........
  14. While going straight to the Adj is a nice, quick civilian way of doing things, you could end up blotting your own copybook. The Chain of Command is there for a purpose and you can only dream of how many people you will cheese off if you circumvent it.

    As you met these blokes while you were in the ACIO, your next link up the CoC is the Permanent Staff in the ACIO. Mention it to them.

    What should then happen is that they will speak to the Pot Recruits, get a first hand version of what happened, then speak to the Sgt Major at the TAC. The Sgt Major will have a gentle word with the clerk. The Pot Recruits re-visit the TAC and everything goes swimmingly.

    If, on the other hand, the Perm Staff in the ACIO aren't even aware that these blokes came into the office (because you volunteered yourself as the first point of contact), then you could save yourself a bit of grief by speaking directly to the Sgt Major, conveniently forgetting the ACIO events. I'm making this point because it sounds as if you have circumvented the ACIO CoC already.

    It's virtuous to be keen and I applaud you for your concern, but at the ACIO you should be limiting yourself to the making tea and shredding paper etc. while the Perm Staff deal with applications. Your being there is a bonus, because the Pot Recruits can ask you, as a peer, what it's really like and will believe you. But it should be absolutely clear that you're there as an assistant, not the main point of contact.
  15. Bruce: I agree wholeheartedly, but with the exception that if the enquiry started at the ACIO, it should be the ACIO staff that deal with it, not the tea boy.

    If the ACIO staff need to be gripped because they can't be interested in recruiting for the TA, then that's a subject for a different thread.