TA recruiting - we have got it so wrong this time.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Blyth_spirit, Aug 30, 2013.

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  1. For some while now I have been harbouring a vague suspicion that the recruiting effort for this little organisation of ours might not be exactly optimal. That is until I found this:

    TA Recruiting 1970s style

    at which point it suddenly dawned on me that without adopting a similar policy to attract the young blades of today, the Army Reserve recruitment drive is doomed, even with all the best assistance that Capita can deliver.
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  2. We can no longer invest the time and money to tart up a Bedford in the manner shown in the photo.

    Oops! Did I say Bedford? I meant virtual Wessex.
  3. i've been out of the loop for a while. are we still banging on about recruiting a TA? Ain't going to happen - a pipedream, but, still, keeps the bills down if we're not recruiting...
  4. Being out of the loop you are not aware of what has come out this week then. (Op FORTIFY - coming to a TA Centre near you very soon.)
  5. They should commission the BBC to make some sort of comedy that takes a light hearted piss take of the reserve forces, maybe a bank manager as the OC of a platoon.
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  6. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    bring back preston front!
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  7. I joined the TA after watching a docu about them in 1986. It showed a recruit cadre at the Prince Of Wales Depot in Lichfield, with DS from the Staffords, and recruits from the Mercian Volunteers. I remember the getting ripped to **** during a Platoon Comander's block inspection, but finally getting their shit together for the OC Company's inspection at the end. Fun in the NBC chamber, a BFT, and some field exercises.

    Maybe it's about time someone made another docu.
  8. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Now come on, sensible suggestions like that won't get us anywhere!

    FORTIFY will help, no doubt of that. Interesting that so much effort (and money) is being released back to COs and OCs, which is exactly where it should be. National events are nice, but it's local work that really pays off. Meet someone in the town centre, offer them a go on a simulator/play with some kit, plus a free beer and sarnies - it's worked in the past.

    Perhaps someone has realised that recruiting on-line may not result in our getting sufficient fit, keen and motivated Infantry recruits? Just a thought, but do the Infantry need people who are a tad geeky?
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  9. It'll be on BBC3 and it'll be shite as they want an "angle" some needy plonker who overcomes some personal tragedy or a single mum and be all about their feelings, and don't forget the token ethnic.
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  10. I'm sure it will be very good and deliver, consistently, the 100 recruits a week, every week for the next 6 yrs to make up the numbers. Well actually it will need to deliver far more than that because we'll need to balance outflow, natural wastage and training pipeline wastage.

    edited to add, it also makes the assumption that the 100 recruited this week will be retained for the next 6 yrs...i would suggest most will leave after 2-3 yrs when they realise how gash the TA will become in the post-Herrick era.
  11. My OC said to me recently, "we don't need an RRMT, Crapita do all the recruiting. I nearly went spastic. Don't know if it was a joke or not. Inclined to think it wasn't. Where the **** do these people get their info from.

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  12. I take it he does know what RRMT stands for?
    North of the wall the best example we have of a pro active RRMT is 6Scots, every weekend we, ATU(Scotland) train recruits one of their team comes along, helps teach, gets feedback from the rest of the ITW, sees their recruits train and any problems they have, y'know the whole mentoring bit.

    I only wish the other RRMTs up here were the same, mind you they probably wold be if they had the same support from their OCs, Adjts, PSAOs etc.
  13. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Is an internet based system an obstacle to recruiting? In itself, no. Even my most "Infantry suitable" soldier has a Facebook page, and can find their way around a website with ease. We ask recruits at our insight briefings how they found out about the unit. Our website is the single greatest source of information.

    Is the current Capita system an obstacle? Oh yes, hugely so. We brief on average 15 potential recruits per month for a Coy location, most of whom have been pre-filtered for age and eligibility. That makes around 90 briefed per 6 months between cadres. We struggle to get 30 through the process in time to start the cadre. With 2/3rds wastage from those who are theoretically able to join and have already taken the time and effort to come in for a briefing, how many do we have to get in to get anywhere close to the target for the new Army Reserve structure?

    The interest is there if the offer is good and the stall set out well. We then lose it due to a system which is utterly unfit for purpose.
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  14. Would you therefore agree that 100plus per week sustained and balanced with outflow is rather ambitious given current resources, decline in opportunities to deploy and a predicted upturn in the economy. I'll be watching closely as Op Pipedream unfolds...
  15. Heard more than once in a South London drill hall some years back ...

    Recruiting NCO or SPSI : " So , why do you want to join the TA ? "
    Potential recruit " Got sent by the job cennah innit "

    With Crapita in charge , expect much more of the above .