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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Mar 23, 2009.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. Doubtful…

    Your average student couldn’t pass a CDT and they can earn more money per month working in a pub than as a TA Pte/Lt.
  3. They could make more in a pub, but given the lack of jobs available...

    Whats the opinion of the Armed Forces in Universities now? I remember a while back there being a fuss over a (or some) university student group(s) demanding the Army/TA/UOTC stop recruiting in Uni's.
  4. Would it solve it in reality. You would have people joining for the the duration of their course it takes at best 1 year to get commissioned if you are already trainined yes it can be done quicker, but the end result in my experience is shambles of an officer. As for Pl/Coy's affected by these candidates they will possibly only turn in during term time, great way to run a pl and all they will have fixed in their mind that is soon as they finish they can leave.

    I can see pluses to the idea but I think that at present we are catching all those that want the green experience we can.
  5. Yeah, the student union leadership (many of whom will go on as Labour politicians) like to ban any Forces related stuff as it doesn't match their lesbian/gay milk knitting diversity agenda.

    Of course it helps to learn to despise the forces at a young age so that when they do eventually get to have their snouts in the Westminster trough they don't feel bad about sending people off to fight phony wars with inadequate equipment.
  6. Depends on the uni, there was some fuss at one of the London colleges (UCL, perhaps?) but our UOTC (Uni of Exeter) appears to be going strong. A fair few of my friends are in there, sadly I'm not due to sporting commitments on the OTC days in my first two years. Beginning of this year they told me I'd still need to be here next year, so no joy there.

    Planning on joining the London OTC next year if I get the necessary results to go to KCL for my MA. Will let you know when I get there! If it helps, they say that they have 350 OCdts, of whom an average of 30 go on to Regular and 5 to TA.
  7. 35 out of 350? I thought the numbers continuing their military career would be higher than that!
  8. msr

    msr LE

    Bore off.
  9. I'm a student doing Welsh Challenge in the summer. £1800 is going to go a long way to helping me next year. I would much rather be doing that than working in a pub... Although a lot of my friends cannot understand why I do it. There are also the very liberal student types who dislike the Army on principle. The fact that the UOTC gets the majority of students interested in the military anyway doesn't help the TA's recruiting efforts.
  10. Not if they're only joining up to help pay their way through uni and stick something on a CV. Of about thirty people I know who are in about twelve to fifteen are planning to go into the military, but I suspect that that speaks more about their background than the majority of recruits.

    Oddly enough, one friend of mine now due to go into Sandhurst this september (hoping for Irish Guards) was not allowed into the UOTC first time around because he was "looking at it too much as a stepping stone into the Regular Army". Too bloody right he was!
  11. Well some people look at it as something to put on their CV. But is that really such a bad thing? At least they will have gained respect for the military and may well join the TA later on. Personally I'm doing it for experience before I join the regs after my degree. I know alot of others in my unit are doing the same.
  12. That number does seem a little low, although London have had problems in that department in the past.... Other OTCs get as high as 25% joining up, possibly becuase they are smaller (ave intake about 120 I think...) and have to take the likes of Gap Year Commissions, Bursars and Sponsors anyway.
  13. What is the point of a UOTC then? :?
  14. I rather suspect that our local OTC officers have been going slowly mad in the Westcountry. He got in at the start of his second year though, and passed his AOSB with flying colours.
  15. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    If the issue was forced by ZanuNL and they were TOLD to be in the Reserves for their fee's being paid in full (like the U.S.), watch them all shut up. Everyone wan'ts something for nothing.