TA Recruiting campaign in the Autumn

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Crack_On, Jul 12, 2006.

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  1. Reading my copy of 'Marketing' magazine while eating my sandwich at my desk I came across an article on forces recruiting. There were several comments from Mark Bainbridge, Army Recruiting Group marketing director including a comment "that currently the Army campaigns cover both regular and TA recruiting, but in the autumn a new campaign designed specifically to raise the TA's profile will be run."

    Anybody know what's happening?

    whether it's theme is expected to extend to unit/subunit levels? (an integrated campign, surely not)

    and whether it means we'll get more cash than the risible £500 per squadron per year that we currently get?
  2. they say its a change to the recruiting policy, its now going to be one army the regs will recruit for the ta and the ta will recruit for the regs, ta soldier to be attached to reg recuiting teams
  3. this offer of having a TA NCO attached to Regular recruiting offices has been on the table in my unit for around 6 months now. as i am still on the biff due to injuries received on tour last year i am going to test the water and take up the offer.

    however i believe at this point the offer is only "paying lip service" to the idea for can any of us dedicate the time away from our civi jobs to spend in the recruiting offices? however as i am now Recruiting Officer with my unit i am willing to give it a shot :D
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Never heard of it....

  5. We have a guy who is based in the Regs office recruiting rather than in his civvi job! not sure how successful he has been!
  6. i suppose its got to start somewhere. as people realise we have a presence in the recruiting offices then we may see a change in time.
  7. Heard this last night from the horse's mouth so to speak (the CGS Briefing team..) and yes this coming Autum, a new huge recruting campain is coming to a Recruiting Office near you.

    Wonder if it will be as good as the one for the Regs...or as sucessfull?

    Cinical? Me?? Nahhh!
  8. Do they open in the evenings after work then?
  9. I wonder if it is an FTRS oppertunity???
  10. Before this starts, can we make sure that we can correctly and promply pay the soldiers we recruit? Otherwise the whole thing will be a WOMBAT - Waste of Money Brains and Time

    (see the thread on "Just TA" about a soldier who has gone through the last recruiting cycle and hasn't been paid in 7 months)
  11. I take your 7 months, and a raise you 12 months - (except for a pay parade on camp) a lad in our unit hasn't had a single bank transfer within a year of joining, and he's now phase 2 trained.

    Anyway, aside from the regular problems, might I also suggest Autumn is a good time to canvass University students, without treading on OTC's toes. It's what we're doing, as most of our platoon are ex/current students, and it's a means to pay off overdrafts etc. For another thing they are for the most part mostly switched on cookies.

    Obviously locals are more ideal, as they don't leave over the summer or dissapear after 3 years, but results speak for themselves. From our platoon, 4 of gone on Telic 10 3 of whom are ex/current students.
  12. It's great to see that they're going to spend a heap of cash on a recruiting drive when we've had our manning levels capped in a bid to save money.

    We are allowed to carry on recruiting as long as our strength doesn't go above a certain line - so presently its one in, one out.
  13. On orders on Tuesday night there was a request for volunteers to appear in the TA adverts and poster campaigns. That's as much as I know at the moment
  14. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Pretty sure there are FTRS slots for the new Army Recruiting Teams.