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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Dr_Evil, Apr 5, 2006.

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  1. This question has probably been answered on another thread somewhere but I'm in a rush:

    Is authorisation/liaison required or advisable if a TA unit wishes to recruit at a university (eg at a jobs fair)?
  2. In an effort to increase results on operation Enduring Global Domination, a 'friend' got a bit of a chewing from his higher formation and in turn their higher formation, for not obtaining clearance from their local OTC for a Fresher Fair. A mild snot-o-gram resulted from the OTC CO to all local units but with a bit of liaison is okay now.

  3. Hmm. Thanks.

    I think I'll produce a draft for my higher to send to CO OTC, as follows:

    "Dear Colonel,

    We're minded to do a spot of recruiting on your patch. We're looking for soldiers to fight wars as opposed to OTC types, so we're targeting a completely separate market to yours. I don't see any reason why this might cause you trouble but a confirmatory letter to that effect would be nice.

    See you at the Freshers' Ball!


  4. msr

    msr LE

    Ask the university if The Army are going to be there as you may like to liaise with the Regular Recruiting team.

  5. Don't know about getting permission from OTC but my uni simply said give us a cheque and the plot is yours. Shame our "admin" lot forgot to fill it in in time!! Think it varies from place to place, some uni's flat out refuse the army to go there, left wing hippies!

    Good hunting
  6. My advice would be to go through the Student Union as they are the ones that normally organise Freshers Fayres. They can also give you advice on any problematic students groups or Societies that will be there too.

    We were once sat right next to a Socilist Student Society who had a Stop the Iraq War campaign going on! Started calling us baby killers and the likes, took alot for us not to fill them in!

    We had the OTC and the local TA there. If Students were in eligible to jointhe OTC, perhaps final year students the OTC would pass them onto us. Location is key, i would not reconmend being colocated with the OTC but work together.
  7. Slightly off the the original question but being in the OTC I would doubt that many students would actually want to join the TA.
    I have only met one person who was at my RCB who was in the TA at uni and he had to go to alot of effort to go to Iraq. (as you said uni is full of left wing hippies)

    For other students though they wouldn't necessarily want to join because:
    Firstly the TA doesn't fit around your studies ( not that that is an issue to people like me)
    Secondly OTC is geared directly towards people of our age group and background whereas TA isnt.
    Thirdly those that want to go to war in the OTC are most likely to be joining the army anyway as officers and therefore would feel right at home in the OTC. Furthermore bursars are obliged to join the OTC.
    I am not sure whether Bursars can join the TA though.

    On the other hand there are relatively few OTCs around compared to the number of unis. For example if you go to Essex uni I think you have to commute to London OTC which is obviously a hassle. Consequently my mate at Essex uni said that he would consider the local TA reg.

    So if your TA centre is in a student city that has its own OTC unit then you will not get many customers, but if your local uni is miles away from its OTC unit then you may be in luck.

    Anyway good luck and I hope my reply doesnt sound too much like a scientific investigation!!
  8. I think London OTC is a Victim of its own Geography.

    The Northern most Unit in its Catchment is Luton University (or the New University of Bedfordshire), the Southern most is Brighton Uni. Now im not in London OTC but i can't imagine teher would be many students from eaither of these institutions willing to Thameslink it every week for a couple of hours!]

    Local units in these areas should be able to get quite a good number of Students through the door (if they were that way inclined!) TA actively encourages the work life balance. Saying that it is not geared around University life is an ok arguement but to be honest the TA is an incredibly understanding organisation and when you have too much work, personal problems, out of work, they usually find a way to help you.

  9. Its a fair point about the gearing of TA towards students. Especially with a bit of personal organisation you can get round to most things.
    But after unit training nights the name of our game is to hit the beers and a club (often ending in much debauched and fun behaviour)
    But if you have to get a 40 minute train ride home your not going to have to get that last train at 11 and miss out on all the fun, or crash out at a mates and probably miss all your lectures the next day. Therefore living far away from your unit is a hassle and will therefore make you think about joining your local TA.

    This year I live a 15 min bus ride from my unit in halls, but next year our house is a five minute walk. It makes life a hell of a lot easier and I wouldn't know what to do if I lived say 30 mins away. The taxi home would be a nightmare!!

    I know this makes myself and other students sound incredibly lazy as I take it TA soldiers have much further distances to commute but as students we are inherently lazy.
  10. You make some very good points windrush, without giving locations away (and massivly hinder my username!!!) My TA unit has seen this effect. Our company HQ is based in a city with an OTC unit in the same location, wheras my detachment platoon is a 2hr round trip but is located near 2 uni's. We have a fairly large percentage of students for our size and are in fact overstrength as a result, however our company location has almost no students and is struggling recruitment wise - coincidence? unlikely!

    With regards to recruiting at uni's, I personally see that getting only 1 or 2 who actually stay is a result for us as students are not our sole recruit basis unlike OTC and can add to our diversity which again, I see as one of the reasons I was attracted to the TA. In short, I think there is room for both TA and OTC in uni's because we can take the one's that want something different to OTC and you can take the ones more interested in social stuff and those on bursaries etc?
  11. Why would you want to recruit from any university bar the three great ones?
  12. I would also say you have a soldier who could, over the course of a three/four year degree, do more courses than any of your employed soldiers. Long summers, easters, reading weeks etc can all add up to having someone who could fill a skills gap your unit has. Which also, as they are students, will not be lost to a Telic trawl.

    This should however be balanced, in my opinion, with the methods outlined in the retention ideas thread/wiki. IF they are doing a course your unit needs them to do then balance that by sending them on a course they want to do. AT costs your unit nothing ISTR and will keep a young enthusiastic type, whose friends might be going to Ibiza when your inevitable annual camp in Catterick or that horrible scottish place comes up, keen and motivated to keep themselves and the skills you asked them to get in your unit.
  13. Thing is, chaps, I reckon that few students know that the TA (rather than the OTC) is open to, and suitable for, them. Few students know the differences between the two organisations - I certainly didn't at the time - or that you can join the TA as a student without disbarring yourself in some way from going for a commission afterwards.

    It is possible to arrange TA training to fit with the requirements of an academic course - at least as easy as making them fit with a job. Granted, the OTC is an automatic fit but then it is sort of TA-lite. For those who want something a bit more real, the TA should be an easy sell.

    Green_Homer's point about bringing in students for diversity is particularly apt for my subunit. It would be great to get a flow of people in that age group who, because of the ban on calling up students, would provide a constant core for (retention permitting) the full duration of their course, if not longer.

    No one has cited any official document or guidance making liaison with the OTC mandatory. Out of courtesy, though, I think I'll do it.