TA Recruiting - any different recently?


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I was wondering if mine is the only TA Unit to be getting fewer recruits through the door recently? It could of course be due to my (lack of) charisma, or maybe the demographics are wrong in our neck of the woods, but we are definitely not getting as many as we did, say, two years ago.

Mind you, those we do get we tend to keep, as they are pretty motivated, but it's not enough to keep our numbers up, despite extensive advertising.

Without naming names, has anyone else noticed this? Or is it just me?
No difference really just struggling to get those we've got thro the system. Missing most of our Cpls/Sgts (thro mobilisation) doesn't help matters.


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Oh well, another Thread I missed. Still, seems like lots of us are in the same situation.
Edited - I have read that thread, and it isn't the same thing at all. I am wondering how many Units are getting fewer bodies through the door - the last thread degenerated into a slanging match (as so many do :D )

So, come on, is it just me, or what?
No great visible difference. Despite (or because) the unit has given all its PR budget to a private concern.
On a related note, the US Army National Guard has suffered a 30% downturn in recruiting, and has just employed 10,000 new recruiters 8O

Also, anyone noticing that people are putting their phase 2 off?
It's a swings and roundabouts situation.....

1) We've been bemoaning that no-one took the TA seriously then Telic turned up and thousands got mobilised. All of a sudden the TA turned from a grown-cadets drinking club into a credible part of the modern army.

2) This credibility we wanted for so long has made potential recruits think "Oh fcuk, I'm not joining the fabulous TA because they get sunny sandy holidays"

A balance needs to be struck where the "fun side" is emphasised but not at the expense of the serious side....... It's only a thought (probably quite a naive thought) but I think there is truth in this.

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Our recruiting dosent seem to have been affected lots of new guys
since i came back from sandpit some of them even keen to go to the sand pit( mad fools :lol: ) apart from the plonker who couldnt wait to slot rag heads whom wimped out when he had to carry a bergan seem as sane as bunch as normal recruits .
Probably as we get less benefits than national guard more likely
to recruit people who want to be soldiers rather than get college fund
,vetrans benefits and for the most part look at moblisation as an opptunity rather than a problem
isleofwightrifles said:
Also, anyone noticing that people are putting their phase 2 off?
Not really but the changes to recruit training and mobilisation has been a pain in the butt.
The majority of people getting thro training are students as they've the time to complete training (two weeks recruits, one week gap and one week trade), others getting thro quickly are the unemployed who tend to go for easier trades.

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