TA Recruit Training: Do We Ask Too Much?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bravo_Bravo, Oct 3, 2005.

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  1. I've helped out on a couple of recruit training weekends; in case anyone does not know what happens this now consists of two wwkends TA Foundation Scheme ( TAFS ) and then eight weekends one on, one off over two months. Recruits ( Infantry anyway ) then go to catterick for two weeks CIC.

    In the training I've seen, the one thing that really stands out, for me, is the length of the day for the recruits. They are usually up at 05.30 on saturady for PT, and then wash shave etc and have lessons until the early evening. Friday night is late waiting for the transport to disgorge them so its more often than not gone 0100 before they get their heads down.

    The result of this is that come saturday afternoon, they are ( understandably ) starting to nod off. Sunday sees another early start, same nodding head result. The DS have an uphill struggle particularly with classroom work - I think the days are just too long. I know that as Trained Soldiers we are expected to get along on minimal / disrupted sleep, but for new joiners its a very difficult task and their assimilation of information suffers.

    What can be done?

    Am I alone in thinking, "what can be cut?" Do we really need quite such an emphasis on NBC instruction, for example?

    I'd welcome comment from both RRTT staff and recently trained soldiers.
  2. Personally I am a firm believer of the two week recruit course. I have seen nothing in this modular system to change my mind. 7 or even 8 weekends of 1 1/2 days each does not equate to 15 whole days.

    It would interesting to see how the 7 weekend programme pans out against the 2 week programme.

    I do not think anything needs to be cut.
  3. Had a brief from the Chief of General Staff people last month, they mentioned a large number of TA NCO's had complained about the length of recruit training and it is being looked at (with a view to shortening it).

    In my corps they do the TAFS, 2 week recruit course and then gap training (the gap training is mainly shooting and NBC)
  4. Redcap

    Its 7 weekends ( 8/9 actually ) PLUS two weeks....
  5. It used to be "in unit" training for the basics , ie TAFs, then two weeks CMS(R), then another two weeks. Much better system.
  6. Assuming recruits can get 4 weeks off to do so.

    Also, as alluded to by Polar, what about the DS? I assume you are talking about RMP btw: my experience is Infantry
  7. Unfortunately it is a choice, long hard days doing it modular, two weeks residential or dumb down the training and pass out undertrained soldiers. There is not enough time to reach things properly as it is, to cut subjects out would make it worse. (except drill).

    Maybe some subjects could be taught in unit then tested at a RTC and the unsucessful back squadded to try again.

    No easy answer.
  8. Isn't recruit training going to regional teams as mentioned in this (in Apr 2006) threadBSTT (RTC) and recruit training

    This should get the gap (support arms) with adequate number of DS, also wouldn't this mean Bde could run more courses, hence a better thoughput (recruits missing a weekend could easily be back squaded)
  9. Redcap, please read my original post. The recruits do 8/9 weekends and THEN two weeks.

  10. I can read and understand that..

    What is the alternative, miss out half the content so they can get an early night?

    If that is how they want to do the courses then they have to accept it is a long weekend.

    I was suggesting they shift some of the training back to units and the RTC only tests then on that knowledge, that way it will reduce some of the content of the course and enable it to be shorter.
  11. Guys, we have two different types of recruit training inf as mentioned by BB and none inf as mentioned as Redcap

    Redcap I think you'll find the 2nd two weeks is called The training Gap.... or I could be wrong
  12. Redcap -

    Actually, yes: what value does NBS training have to the TA, for example? On mobilisation Chilwell assume you know nil...

    Its not a matter of "an early night", its a matter of the blokes falling asleep in lessons.
  13. Chilwell most probably assumes you know nil about everything..
  14. Im currently doing my Phase 1 training, Just coming up to my 3rd weekend. I dont think the days are too long, there are enough breaks to split the day up (Although- our Cpl smokes like a chimney so small breaks are v frequent! so no complaints there!)

    I also go by the Work hard - Play hard philosophy so my saturday night normally drifts into sunday, but then not every one has the same idea- they get their heads down early. i never seem to be any worse off than them on the sunday (as this is a fairly short day anyway).

    I just see it as: its ONE wkend, surely you can push your self 100% for that fairly short amount of time. I have sunday afternoon to recover & get back to work on Mon - in the scale of things its not that much to ask for. Im fairly fit & healthy so maybe thats half of it sorted, i have no real experience so i have to take in all the info aswell...but it aint rocket science.....is it?.

    I think that a 2 week course would be great for continuity & will enhance group dynamics & motivation. but we all have jobs & i cant see my employer being too chuffed if i f***ed off for 2 weeks & then had to F**k off for another 2 weeks not too long after to do phase 2.

    this is just my perception, as long as the recruit training staff are doing their job on a tuesday night & keeping us all up to scratch (which they are) the weekends will then run more smoothly.
  15. Are there any topics you have covered so far which you though pointless?