TA Recruit Selection Weekend Strensall

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bionic_25, May 24, 2007.

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  1. I've passed AOSB briefing with a Cat 2, and in my year out I'm joining the TA as a TAPO. Has anyone else been in my position and what did they think of joining the TA as a 'Wannabe Rupert'. I was also wondering how RSW compares to AOSB and if anyone knew what the physical expectations are as everyone i talk to seems to say different things.
  2. About a quarter the POs at Strensall are in a similar position. You'll not be unusual. You may even meet people who are planning to go to Sandhurst on the same intake. Wouldn't that be nice?

    Nothing like AOSB, other than the run/pressups/situps, but ring them and ask if you are afeared of the phys.
  3. PT with the OTW at Strensall seemed to consist of PFT's, CFT's and.. oddly.. Wheel barrow races at 6am. No idea of what it will be like on the RSW though as they can't exactly rag you too hard.

    What they will be looking for though is simply Best Effort. Try your hardest, don't been overly keen or bossy (demonstrate some leadership though) and you'll no doubt get through to the other side. What with already achieving a cat2 (2 what btw?) at the briefing.
  4. thanks for the advice.

    I got a Cat 2:12

  5. Hang on... advice? My advice would be:

    -Everything you do with the Army is logged on course reports that will follow you wherever you go. The first thing Sandhurst will do when you turn up for the regular course is dig out those course reports and have a look. Make sure what they see is the best it can be.

    -Take money for the bar. Bars are nice places to spend money.

    -Don't tell anyone your secret ambition to join the SAS. Even after exchanging money for many bar related goods.

    -Get fitter

    -Strensall is quite full of doctors, nurses and other Army staff with high ranks. Have an idea which ranks will shout at you, and which can have you shot. You'll only get away with it for a while.....

    -Colour Sergeants are named after the colourful stories they tell. If they start talking, fake interest, they don't like the stories any more than you do but it's their job.

    -Don't panic.

    It's a selection weekend, take it seriously but it's nothing like as tricky as AOSB. They are assessing your basic abilitys, not your potential to pass Sandhurst.
  6. Bollocks! (Tried to write Bo!!0cks there)