TA Recruit Phase One Training, how long???

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by LIGHTGUN-DC, Apr 2, 2005.

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  1. Just a simple request, any recruiting officers and snco`s out there who control the intake of recruits into their units?

    1. How long does your unit take to train up a new recruit ( with no N.I connections, no previous experience etc...ie. the model recruit is what im getting at) to be ready to go to CMSR?

    8 - 13 weeks? or do any units take longer.

    2. Whats your comments on TAFS, is it far too long winded with the wrong TO`s that should be taught at CMSR, or is it just right?

    3. Why is it that this one concept army, we have placed people at TAVRA`s around the country that think and deliver such totally different budgets, ie some TACs get the cake and eat it too, while others have to deal with red tape and the word that follows....NO!. My TAC has a junior ranks club that was decorated in the style of 50`s, while some I have visited are more like night clubs.
    I know this is a winge, but hell we are fed up with being the poor cousin even to other TACs let alone the regs. If we are to show the new intake of recruits our workplace and this is all we have to offer, well somebody needs to bite the bullet and get out the cheque book more often and make our workplace and surroundings a better place to be, this may lead to young soldiers staying on a while longer. My unit is awesum as regards moral and training, but dont get rewarded in their surroundings, its very very poor, its time these non-essentials became essential as part of the image we protray to ourselves and guests we invite into our units, anybody else in this boat? or are we just marking time???

    TAVRA are you listening?

    time waits for no man, nor does the train at woolwich station-instructor on my btc 1987
  2. So an NI connection makes for a bad recruit... thats not very polite. Anyways I'm transferring to a Gp A unit over the summer, my phase one and phase two are being done in July and total 25 days, I cant for the life of me remember if phase 1 is 10 or 15 days though.
  3. TAFS = 4 * 2 weekends selection may or may not be part of this depending on numbers. They seem to run on alternate weeks so you're prob talking about 8 weeks to get through it-although some regiments run a fast track course once a year which does it all in one week.

    If you don't like your JRC then talk to your comittee and get some ideas put forward to the OC via the chair person. They may be able to allocate some funding towards whatever improvements are deemed necessary but you will probably have to find a way to raise some cash as well.
  4. Thats not what he meant, he's talking about problems with vetting - it can take time for anyone with Irish (all parts) to be taken on strength.

    My TAC has a very poor JRC but its an old building so spending money on the JRC would be wasted, our TAC will probably be rebuilt within a few years - yours could be in the same boat.
  5. Know a few Northern Irish STABS, NI recruits undergo more secruity clearance before they are allowed to join. Which effectively increases the wait before they are allowed to join
  6. Polar and F_O, I knew fully what he meant having had to go through the vetting process with the added bonus of the NI vetting form "Are you a terrorist? Yes/No. If you answered yes you may need to speak to an advisor".

    Cheers for the help though :wink:
  7. that is what has scuppered me in starting basic next month, got through all the paper work and then the question of Ireland pops up, my wife you see, straight away its "Sorry that will be 6 months to vett" What even though she married me whilst I was a reg, was vetted to work at MPH and her old man was in the UDR ? hmmm :?
  8. Hi lightgun...

    I Am part of my unit RRTT. if we get a recruit from god it Takes around 4-6 months to get them into the coy.

    paperwork received > medical average 2 weeks

    Tafs 1 Trg- average 3 weeks (as it is done on drill nights, which is pants).

    RTC 8 weekends on average 2 weekends apart.

    CIC Catterick 2 weeks

    continuation trg at RTC 2 w/e.

    CMSR is a complete waste of time. My unit(Bn) ran it's own recruit trg with an average 97% Pass rate. Now it has dropped to 60%. the RTC is ran by Corps and they do not have a scoobie.( by the way thats not a dig at the coprps as there is loads of good skilled pers in them).

    Regional Trg Centres, were a good idea but they do not work. its just a sausage processing factory. which is dumbing down recruit trg. ( 2x40 mins on the 24hr clock, what the F%&* is that all about).

    end of gripe session
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    That'll be the one !
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