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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by MikeF2011, Nov 27, 2011.

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  1. Hi dudes

    Wondering how TA Recruit pay works out;
    I.E. How pay for training per weeknight is worked out,
    How expenses work, e.g. transport to/from unit, food etc,
    How often is pay sent out? Monthly?
    How is your bounty calculated?

    Sorry for the amasse of questions haha
  2. Sounds like you've got your priorities in order.
  3. No not really, im just wondering how that side of it all works out. Thanks for the constructive reply :)
  4. You get paid monthly. If you're relying in it........ Well, try burger king. Better pay and less chance of them ******* it up.
  5. Haha no, I wouldn't really be relying on it. Is one weeknight classed as a 1/4 day? And when does the 'Army Year' start in termsof minimum commitment in a year for Bounty?
  6. well for a none passed out recruit it's about £35 a day so after doing alpha and bravo training would have earned about £800 somewhat to early in morning for maths.. After training you then go Upto £45 each day you train ( or if you have more jobs at the Barracks with your unit then you can earn more but still £45 around about each day your at the barracks )

    Transport is paid by your unit for Initial training once you have passed out your on your own. Transport costs should be able to be claimed back once you have reached your destination.

    After initial training your more or less on your own unless you can strike a deal in travel with any of your NCO's

    Money is sent out monthly, but not overly constant when you get your money.. Been waiting on mine for a while now.

    and bounty starts at about £400-£500 between that ( once again to early to go search the exact numbers ) and goes up about £300 around about each year untill you hit 1,500 around about or even 2,000. This is also all tax free.

    Oh food you pay for it automatically comes out your pay check so don't need to worry ( once again for initial training )
  7. TA pay is paid straight into your bank account , its not "sent out" in the sense that you will get a cheque through the post

    I have never had money taken out of my pay for food, on a weekend certainly in recruit training you will not pay for food, exercise (ie in the field ) rations are free, you may have to pay for food on two week courses, for example your two weeks recruits course but Im fairly sure its also free on recruits courses.
    Travel - on a parade night when you sign in you will have to state what mode of transport you used, usually this is a "N" for "Normal", normal transport is whatever mode of transport you declared on the pile of paperwork you will have filled in when you joined. So if you said you caught the #21 bus and its 57 pence for a return trip then you will get that in your pay.

    Weekend training is generally two and a half days, a parade night is a quarter of a day.
  8. Speak to the permanent staff at your location. Do not expect much pay and you will not be disappointed.
  9. No ones mention teh 27/28 day MTD limit... to be honest fella once your in the swing of things and becoming "efficient" i.e 2 week annual per year plus minimum training requirements you'll be mostly looking forward to your bounty which as mentioned above can be quite substantial, enough to plot a cheapo holiday for you and the other half, but if your just on it for the extra £££ than unless your planning on becoming some sort of gong king by volunteering for ops than your really here for the wrong reason.
  10. Thanks for the replies guys
    That clears a lot up, what is a MTD limit?
    So for example; none passed out recruit @ £35 pd, would be paid a quarter of this for a weeknight?

  11. No wonder people get nowhere when they come on this site. Why you lot can't just be helpful is beyond me.

    PM FiveAlpha. He is a TA Pay Clerk and will be able to give you clear and accurate answers.
  12. And I'd hazarad a guess some beautifully cutting insults.
  13. Thanks for the info. Of course pay is an
    Important factor. It would be stupid to pretend it wasn't. Just because you want to join the ta doesn't mean the mortgage doesn't need paying and your family don't need to be fed.
  14. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    There's nothing indecent about asking about pay. You are paid for full, 3/4s, 1/2 or a 1/4 of a days pay. As you say an evening training will get you 1/4. You will receive a travel allowance for any necessary journeys. A drill nights and weekends you will usually receive HDT (home to duty travel) provided you meet the requirements for it. If you have to make other journeys you will submit a claim and the money will be transferred.

    In general you get paid at the end of the month for any training conducted the previous month. ie November's training is paid at the end of December. Although you may find training early in the month getting paid that month depending on how your pay clerks work.
  15. You don't sound like someone who has a mortgage or a family though, but at least your thinking ahead, but I think you need to put Burger King into the occasion