TA Recruit Bounty Scheme


TA Recruit Bounty Scheme.

Not dissimilar to that used by the Regs sometime ago.

If you are a trained (passed Ph2) member of the TA and you get someone through the doors and through attestation, you will recieve £50 (tax free).
Get that same individual to attend and pass Ph 2 Trg, you recieve a further £150 (tax free).

A very good incentive that is currently working quite well in my unit, however it is led by our RFCA and I'm not too sure if it is nationwide. It's percieved as a very good Recruitment and Retention tool.

I konw there is the concern that certain members of the unit can not be trusted (i.e use this as a profitable side line), but it the responsibility of the PSAO to pay the individual (cash), and we can only hope that is being done correctly.

If it's not active in your Unit, then raise it as a Retetion tool. There has recently been a bundle of cash thrown at Regional Bdes and RFCAs recently by Regional Forces for projects such as this.

Happy recruiting!
As with all schemes, if there is a carrot, there has to be a stick. How about a block on promotion if you don't recruit someone? That would focus people’s attention on the subject and bolster numbers too.
It might be paid in cash, but you will still need to declare it as income ;)

Its just been brought back in by the Regular Infantry, it worked in the past so there is no reason why it shouldnt work in the TA either.

In the regulars its only payable to JNCO's and i think they are allowed a maximum of 3 per year (or that could be 3 in total).

Its also only payable to the soldier once the recruit has passed phase 1 and been passed onto phase 2 successfully.

However the difference between the TA and the regulars is that in theory to make it viable it shouldnt be paid until both phase 1 and 2 had been completed, specifically because a TA soldier isnt tied to a contract, its not a case of then deciding the honesty behind the soldier issuing the bounty card to the potential recruit, its more a case of whether or not you can carry on giving soldiers the cash only for the recruit to leg it as soon as there training has finished.

However thats probably at the more cynical end of my thinking when in reality it should be at least trialled in the units first :)
ive heard rumours of this bounty since the day i joined but have never seen or heard of anyone ever actually getting paid. is this just a trial scheme in some units or is it throughout the army including the TA?

if it is indeed universal then where do i find the paperwork. our PSI or PSAO doesnt seem to know anything about it ?

It is on a per unit basis, so if you are already fully or near fully recruited, then there's no need.

If recruiting numbers are down, then fire it up up your chain of command as a suggestion to help reverse the trend.


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