TA recruit advert for Medical Services

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by BernardMcCabe, Oct 15, 2006.

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  1. Has anybody seen that bone advert where 2 blokes walk up to two birds and ask them what they do and it shows them doing what nurses in the army do? The thing that bugs me is when they ask what their names are they reply Captain so and so and Leuitenant so and so. It shows the TA as a bunch of Walts that are wrapped up in their part time job FFS!
  2. About three years ago when they first showed it........
  3. yeah and some,the worse thing about it,is I'll bet they're a couple of" carpet munchers ".
  4. You may not have seen it as the actors in this particular advert all had northern irish accents, but this one involved a guy going to the pub with his mates. Stood next to them at the bar is this yuppie type banging on about how hard his day at work had been.

    " I was in the thick of it, pressure, pressure, pressure"

    Cut to lots of scenes of the first bloke during his day at work. Jumping out of helicopters, absailing down mountains etc etc.

    The yuppie starts talking about the company car,

    "16 valve, plenty of poke"

    We then see the first bloke's 'company car', which happened to be an apc of some description.

    It was clever I suppose and the yuppie's comments have been copied by folk ever since. Anyone remember that one?
  5. Can't say that bothers me...
  6. doesn't bother me either as long as I can watch!.
  7. Yeah I remember that one, wasn't that bad compared to some, that "2 bints in the pub" ad (which is what this threads about) I absolutely hate with a passion

    PS you said they had NI accents, did you see it in NI ?? One of the things i have discovered in having a wife from the province is how many ads I have seen here are "translated" in Ulster to make them feel localised
  8. You're absolutely right about the Nursing Officers in the pub - it's totally facking cringe worthy isn't it!? Could you imagine if it was about the infantry and you had the same scenario, only this time a really fit girl approaches a couple of TA paras having a pint down town.....................

    "Alright lads, fancy meeting some of my girl friends"? The two chaps look at each other a bit confused so they decide to take off their Helly Hansen Olive Fleeces to reveal their 4 Para tattoos. "Wow, is that an army badge you both have" she enquires. They look at her with utter disgust and then grunt to themselves. Thinking she might have made a mistake by coming over, she decides to give them another chance and ask their names. "Fackin yeah bitch, I'm LCpl Tom "Tommy" Gunn and this is Cpl Andy "Smudge" Smith. He's my section commander in Recce Platoon of the TA Paras. Then they look at the camera smiling and then they shout - "AIRBOURNE" whilst giving a thumbs up. The girl then f@cks off sharpish!!
  9. Hang on, surely the marketeers have spent a large wad of our money to produce an advert that, after extensive focus grouping, has an appeal to the target audience, and will result in absolutely thousands of fit young ladies wanted to join the AMS TA?

    Or is it just shite?
  10. shite

    having just transferred into the ta ams i notice three things wrong with that advert:

    1. The dodgy officers are way too young i have yet to see an officer under 45 in the regiment im in
    2. ones a leuitenant (cant spell tonight sorry) all the officers seem to be captains which is dodgy
    3. they are far too slim

    im not saying that officers in the AMS are meant to be fat or anything
  11. I know what you mean about the "Ulsterising" of accents and it bugs the sh1t out of me too. Yes i did see it in northern ireland and it was defo a northern irish accent. You can always tell when they are trying to dub the adverts into norn oirish as it is so badly done
  12. msr

    msr LE

    "The TA is also moving into motor racing sponsorship at Northamptonshire's Rockingham motor speedway, raising the slightly disconcerting prospect of a racing car in full military camouflage."

    HA HA HA.

  13. Strike off and sack the bitches for wearing their minging MRSA covered / bodily fluid soaked uniforms in a public place. :twisted:
  14. Sixty

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    I thought we'd binned that as being unsustainable?