TA rebalancing - Regular Unit affiliations

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by stab, Oct 3, 2005.

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  1. Under a soon to be agreed paper called TA Rebalancing (Nov 05), Regular units will have affiliated TA units with whom they will be expected to train (at weekends ?), and in turn have first call on IRs. Regular units will also have a responsibility for ongoing linked events and joined up capability generation when required.

    Is the Regular Corps aware of the likely additional pairing (and the implications) that will be upon us as a result of rebalancing?.

    Does it care?.
  2. Any idea who's paired with who? I presume this also extends to 33, 34 and 35 Sigs Regts. Or will CC only come from 2 (NC) Sig Bde, with its depth of experience of Wide Area Systems -- ok taking a reality check on what we will expected to provide : Cat C / C+E driving licenses/Computing Quals or experience
  3. This already happens. 21 Sigs have 43 Signal Sqn as part of thier regiment as well as the Hq Sqn element and 6 TACP's. Works ok 43 is also supposed to be the first port of call for augmentees for 21 Sigs, not sure if it works like that though.
  4. Leave 33 alone, mafakkas!

  5. I don't believe we will be partnered in the same way, 43 role is the same as 21s role - guess you use the same kit.
    In theory in a national comms Regt we will have 2 types of Sqn : BCS Brigade Close Support Sig Sqns and Contigency Communications Sig Sqns.
    The BCS are (in English) Brigade Signal Sqns, the CC element will be the ones that supposedly are partnered with regular units.
    Although I've not heard anything to say they will trained/equiped any differently, i.e. CC Sqns soldiers will train to support the BCS Sqns. Also being in a BCS doesn't mean you won't mobilise with a regular units or conduct training with them.
    I'm not sure how much problems this will cause with training, problems that we have at the mo where mobilised trade differes from actual trade (i.e. Civvy Network admin employed as an Operator/RD (cause IS Eng trade doesn't exist in TA) mobilises as IS Eng). The reason I say that is I haven't seen the TATO's for the new trades - I expect many Ops to retrade to ICS Tech/Eng (maybe even some supervisors :! ).

  6. As a guess, I'd say the NC regiments would fit better with the Bde Signal Sqns and possibly 30 SR. 12 Sig Group would fit better with the ADSR's and 7 and 16 SR's -perhaps 2 SR as well.

    I remember just this idea (linking RSIGS TA formations to a sponsor Regular RSIGS Unit) being raised during TELIC 2 by a Sig Sqn OC and his Ops team- glad to see that someone has read the POR.

    (edited for mistakes)
  7. Lucky he had the TA there to get his UHF working for him eh!! :lol:
  8. I would have thought so, I mentioned exactly the same a couple of months ago.

    Hobs mentioned that 'logic' doesn't come into the pairing (i.e. probably doesn't include 12 Sig Grp).
  9. I'll check over the next day or so but I recall that there were pairings for all RS 12 Gp TA units
  10. ^thanks

    Their are reasons why 12 Sig Grp wouldn't support 2, 7, 16 or 30 Sigs Regts, if ARRC fully deployed then they may be needed to form a composite Signal Regiment (as mentioned in FAS).

    So it could probably the Radio (NC) Regiments are paired with 'Area' System Regts and Div Sigs Regts.
  11. As I understand it, all TA units are to have a primary and a secondary affiliation, it's not just 33/34/and 35. It's for joined up training, regular and TA personnel swap where appropriate, and IR/CC's.
  12. Under FAS TA most of the 2 NC Bde will be affiliating and providing support for Regional Bdes in a UK Ops role. The idea has been around for a while but it is now official.

    Civis working for Civis (retired) :twisted: :twisted:
  13. ^Yes TARE thats the main role of the BCS units, however CC Sqns are to be paired up with Regular units (I think that may include the rest of the TA Sigs)
  14. You are all just about "there" with your comments in this thread. The CC Sqns (ie the NC Regt) will be paired with a named Bde with one of the Regts being paired with 1 (UK) Div Sig Regt. It is my understanding that until this concept is officially stamped (in the near future) there has been no decision made as to which unit is to pair or partner which Bde.
  15. Does anyone have an inkling how this will alter mobilisations. At the moment reg units will ask for certain LSN to be filled but in the future will they ask for SSgt X to be mobilised as they know about his abilities.

    At the moment it would be unlikely a TA SNCO would be wanted to fill a regular LSN.