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I have been out the TA for 3 years (today) having previously left due to work commitments and a messy dovorce, and had made efforts to re-enlist with my old unit. This was to be actioned by the PSAO, who was due to contact me on Thu am after having conferred with the OC on Wed to confirm my rank. The PSAO did not contact me yesterday and I was told today that he has left the unit. I understand that he may have been too busy to action my re-enlistment, and I will be contacting the unit again next week.
However, that will take me beyond the three year point and as I understand it will mean that I would have to go back to square one. Can anyone offer any advice?
I thought 6 years was your back to square 1 cut off, as said before, depends on your unit.
I have just done the same, sadly i was out for just over 3 years & have had to start again. just had my medical today!
Apparently all the paper work gets sent somwehere else after a 3 year cut off point...blah blah blah.
depend on your unit and what skils/ quals you have. Oh And if the OC likes you??
you can do it if you B&Q it. lol. its up to your unit, at worst you might have to do the cic again. but lets face it, its a gift and counts as a camp.
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