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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by The_Cheat, Mar 1, 2006.

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  1. Can any one tell me about the TA rad-ops course? How long, where it is and do you know if it will cover BOWMAN kit?


    T C
  2. Check your PM's
  3. Which version Ptarmigan or NC
  4. Why do they need a course for this? How hard can it be to turn a radiator on and off?
  5. Do they need turning on and off Dr_E? I thought they were set to work with the daylight saving hours:

    Switch to BST (i.e. summer) all radiators on. Switch to GMT (i.e. baltic conditions) all radiators off. Stalactite, stalagmite, gotta have a system! :D
  6. :lol:

    Yeah, you've got to do two weekends of learning why we use radiators, then a two week introduction to all things plumbing, four weekends developing plumbing skills followed by another two week (radiator-specific) course; you'll learn which radiator is best for which job and how to make drinking tea look like work. Then you learn how to break radiators so those who were (slightly) more brainy come along and shake their heads before VOR'ing the radiator and giving you a hair-dryer to make do in the mean time!!!
  7. edit: TA_s see's things that are not there.
  8. Who changed channel? Are we talking about radios now? I've devoted a phenomenal EIGHT WEEKENDS to that malarkey (not counting, by any means, countless (see?) radio stags, watchkeeping, yadda, yadda). That's four consecutive followed by another four consecutive (followed by a divorce - well, nearly). I am in thrall to the ways of the electromagnetic spectrum and have even reached the grade of brew-wallah level 2.

    It's radiators that I find bloody hard.

    [Edited to add] Ah bollox, TA_sig, you've just deleted some quality Rupert-slagging.
  9. No Bowman teaching yet, certainly before 2007.
  10. Bum. But what if the French attack?
  11. LongBows?
  12. Soap