Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by ben0239, Oct 20, 2006.

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  1. There is no set topic, i just wondered how many TA gunners there were using this site, i also wanted to know how your recruiting is going with all the FAS changes that have taken place.
  2. Very disappointed, opened this thread expecting something exciting, hence the title "TARA!" only to find its about gunner terriers. Never trust the cover eh?
  3. Me, I'm a TA Gunner, recruiting in our Bty is going well since we have reroled from HVM to Lt Gun.

    Although, just as many people are leaving as are joining due to the busy schedule and because some of the old hands were royally shafted by their regular unit on Telic.
  4. I was RA Cadets, then RA in the regular army and now currently going through documentation to join the RA TA

    Once a Gunner and all that
  5. I was a TA Gunner but I was expelled for telling too many stories starting "When I was in the Bombard OP and the door blew in..."
  6. There are a few TA Gunner using this site. I am presently with a Lt Gun Bty.

    Recruiting is going well however, I cannot say the same for the systemt that trains them as recruits or the trade training that follows.

    I am not convinced that HQ DRA really know what to do with the TA Guns apart from the Junior Ranks who they need to backfill for Operations.

    Latest rumour.. TA Gunners to loose Light Gun (L118) to enable Regular AS 90 Regiment's to convert in order to cover Op Tours in Afghan!

    Guess TA Light Gun Regiments will join the TA UAV Regiment and become Royal Artillery - Infantry.
  7. A pin up of that bird from Brassed Off would have been 'exciting' Think she was a Tara!
  8. Oh yeah and she went "au nautreal" (sp) in the Hugh Grant flick Sirens, as did Elle McPherson and that blond bird out of Ally McBeal and Arrested Development (Portia De Rossi ??)
  9. Back in the good old days, Btys had TARA Sgts as I recall. Never knew what it stood for though. Something to do with Survey or CPs I think.
  10. Technical Assistant Royal Artillery, old name for CP Ack etc
  11. By the sounds of it a lot of you are from 105 regt ra (v).
    We were 104 but have recently been transferred to 106 to become a rapier bty. Recruiting is going well, but the process recruits have got to go through is far to long and because of that people are leaving. Have you lot got any ingenius ideas of how to get more recruits through the door.
    I recently contacted Connexions to try and establish a partnership with them, they were very impressed with what the TA can offer young peopel and now they are intending to sell it to youngsters when they visit there offices. As yet we havent had any recruits from it, but it has only been a week, but hopefully we can tap into an untap source there. Fingers crossed.
  12. Name & shame the regulars. We need to know!

    Von Paulus RA(V)
  13. I served with 26 regt RA in Iraq and i thought they were all excellent lads, the bty i served with were also first class, however rhq could of been better.
  14. as in here...


    better looking than any TARA sgt i've ever seen...
  15. msr

    msr LE