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TA RA Officer Training

I'm a Lt in the TA, just re-roleing to a Royal Artillery Light Gun reg.

This was a bit of a fast ball for my unit but we're all keen as hell!! Light gun having a bigger bang than an SA80.

Just wondering if anyone could give me an idea of what sort of training TA officers do, how long it takes etc. And also on what my guys will be expected to do .. what is available to them and how it works.

All I know about Artillery is you are on the end of a Radio set and make things I don't want to see anymore disappear!

Thanks folks.
Good luck Jockistani...time to brush up on VP, mathematics and geometry oh and learn this new thing called "fire discipline". It doesn't take long to learn all of this stuff(!) but it does take time to get good at it. Oh and I hope you AND your Jocks are good at heavy lifting, digging and humping stuff around.

That SA80 will also be part of your new job, except it will be an annoying encumbrance - until you get up the sharp end that is!
Hi Jockistani

Scoot along to this page which is MCM divs gunner career page.

The career structure for officers seems a bit less rigid than for the soldiers under Crewman 2000.

As a Lt, you'll probably be either a Command Post officer (CPO) or a Bty Recce officer (BRO). Depending on where you are in your own Bty's structure, you might be in line for Forward Observation Officer (FOO) or maybe even Battery Captain (BK).

All the above, less BK, require a course, typically a 9 day one at Larkhill (although I might be a bit out of date on that ....).

your soldiers will either tend to be at the gun end, so firing guns, working in the CP or doing loggie stuff, or at the OP end as OP Acks and flaggies.

The Light Gun is a great weapon for the TA. It doesn't require huge amounts of maintenance (keep your RAPIER for the Regs :D ) and can be brought into action and fired by a relatively small crew.

You should all have great fun as Field Gunners. I'm guessing you are converting from Jockanese cloudpunchers? In which case, don't break the kit we're lending you, or I'll be up to extract cash with menaces :D
If you are from the Jockanese cloudpunchers.....one of your Lts has just completed the YOs' course at Larkhill. May be worth investigating if you've got fourteen weeks to spare!!!!
There are no jockanese cloudpunchers anymore, just jockanese gunpigs.

oink oink.
Just about to join you Gun chaps ... just re roleing from Viking infantry (Shetlend!!)

Thanks for the input guys, well looking forward to hucking massive lumps of metal at evil folk!!
The RA was still running 9 day courses campsback in 2003, when there was the whole foulup with 103 being on Crewman 2000 and 100 still being on Crewman 98, so noone qualified. These are (were?) run every winter by 100 or 103 in turn (and HAC Gun Troop before a few centuries of history were overturned).

When 103 reroled in 2001 it took about 3 months. Initially the Det Comds, GPOs, GLSCs, BROs, CPOs, BCs and FOOs did weekend on, weekend off over the summer to be trained. This was followed by a 2 week camp at Larkhill when the rest of the Regiment was converted.

Light Gun is quite frankly perfect. If there was a Light Gun regiment within reach now it would certainly be my first choice of units to go to.

(Fond memories of "Fire Mission Battery" coming to the fore...)

pm me. We will get to know each other very well in the coming months. I might be able to give you a pretty accurate heads up on what you'll be doing.

As 105 Regt will be at Warcop/Otterburn in three weeks time undertaking its second round of Lt Gun conversion courses/live firing it shouldn't be too difficult for you to find out where you fit into the mix even if you aren't planning to attend!
Whatcha mean Jammy bar steward?!! Is it really that good?!

I must admit to being fairly happy about the new job though!!
I'll be at Warcop/Otterbun in three weeks. Woo. can't wait.

Mmmmm.... charge super.

Maybe see you there Jockistani/In_Tray?Puss_in_boots??
HVM_Boy said:
I'll be at Warcop/Otterbun in three weeks. Woo. can't wait.

Mmmmm.... charge super.

Maybe see you there Jockistani/In_Tray?Puss_in_boots??

See you there. Isn't it about time you changed your monicker?

In_Tray said:
See you there. Isn't it about time you changed your monicker?

Yeah, but there already is a FOOBoy on here. :roll:

I will always be HVM_Boy. 8)
Ah nuts ... lots of UOTC girls to play with !!

Wish I was there!!!

(allowing for beer goggles etc.)

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