TA R Sigs UK Ops - Class 2 anyone?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by TopBadger, Jul 24, 2006.

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  1. Hi All,

    Is it just my Regiment, or does trade training seem to stop after class 3?

    Since the introduction of workbooks i don't know of anyone who has moved onto class 2. There just aren't enough training opportunities to practice using the kit, and skill fade/presence of newbies means that every practical exercise we go on quickly degenerates into an outdoor theory lesson.

    As it's impossible to teach and test skills on the same weekend due to limited time/no of Instr's, this means that no progess is being made in trade books. As promotion is linked to trade quals, this means that after this current batch of Sgt's move on up, we'll have no-one to replace them, we've ran out of Class 1's to promote.

    Does anyone else have any experience of this? I'd be interested in hearing how other units approach trade training. Need to stop the rot.

  2. Dont know - my squadron gets some opportunity to get my training in.

    I don't have a trade book because it is being re-written, but based on the old one, I should be able to go class 2 sometime in February/March when the next trade course comes up.

    As long as I stop soldering my troop staffy's tools together for a laugh.
  3. hi mate,

    i am hoping to start class2 soon. i spoke to the yoemen (sp) at the sqdn and the psi - not sure much else on the matter.

    its very much in your hands i believe

    what regiment are you in?
  4. It doesn't stop but moves over to OJT (On the Job Training) :lol:

    I did some analysis on the new trade workbook and it implies about 20 odd lessons plus a weekend of NCRS. Regt delivers the NCRS training so thats sorted, my sqn should be able to sort out the other subject but only after we merge with another sqn. I've also just got the new ED and Tech workbooks but they seem to be rather simple, so all EDs and techs could be signed off this month.

    However we have a couple who will never be able to complete their class 2 workbook, the experience and training they get is too short and too complex. My boss wants to turn EDs into operators and I, because of the complexity of the operator trade want them changed to EDs. Unfortunatley officers see these people skills as a reflection on all operators, you couldn't guess how many times I've been 'taught' how to connect a modem and PC up.

    Good news is most of the above was discussed a week or two back (if our YofS remembered it all).
  5. Polar

    Silly question, but don't suppose there is somewhere that I can get access to the new Tech workbook? Preferably on-line. (If the only chance is my squadron SPSI I will probably grow a third leg before I get a copy of it)
  6. bazz, from what I've seen from your posts, your in a Ptarmigan unit and 12 Sigs Grps RLI site will be of no use to you.
  7. it doesnt just happen at TA units, as a regular we still struggle to do trade. to many dick jobs. it ends up like you said as the few exercise we get on end up as teach phases instead of bein revision and advancement.
  8. Thats how its supposed to happen, sure. At the moment its not though, because there doesn't seem to be enough time in the year to do the job. Exercises should be based around taking kit out and using it for extended periods of time. If i were to be asked to take out NCRS tomorrow, i'd be embarassed, haven't seen one operational since trade course. I'd need a weekend just to get back upto speed, but then thats re-learning, not practicing. And then the training program wouldn't have another similar activity for 2 years? (given that i haven't seen NCRS being used in the last two years thats not such a bad guesstimate). Every exercise we go on, i feel like i'm always starting from scratch.

    Well, not quite, and is related to my points above. If i want to go play COMMCEN's for a bit of practice (Task 2?), i can't exactly go to the Comms store and pick up all the different means we need to be proficient in. These training events are designated by people with more influence than I, and the training program does not appear to be oriented towards workbook activities. This is really the essence of the problem.

  9. Soz for the edit..... Well in my 7 years with the Sigs, I've worked in a COMMCEN once and guess what, I was supervising it :!:
  10. [quote="polar
    ........ plus a weekend of NCRS. Regt delivers the NCRS training [/quote]

    What - along with SLIDEX, semaphore and the aldis lamp ??
  11. 34 sigs until recently ran trade courses up to class 2, I think its being centralised now in 11 brigade. I have my class 2.
    36 sigs used to run trade courses up to class 2 alos but I left there in 2001
  12. Not forgeting VP, Clansman and JMH. I was recently on a 2 week ex with a live customer in a COMMCEN, on the 2nd weekend nearly all my trained operators were replaced by NFQ's the lack of VP/JMH skills caused zero problems. The only problem I had, was operators that were crap at Windows (mainly MS Outlook) (this was all rank ranges, some Sgts being particularly crap and some NFQ's being excellent).

    And we can bin techs aswell, they have no function with modern CIS (other than employing them as operators)
  13. I understood that 35 sigs were again nexyt year running a nine day course for people moving up to class 2? I also understand this will be happening at 33 sigs?

    But the understanding is that you will attend with your workbook fully (or substantially) signed off. The 2 week course is then revision and assessment

    (Edited because I put the wrong outfit up above, numbnuts that I am)
  14. TB

    I Completed my Trade Camp at Donnington in November Last Year, my regiment go through the work book & on every exercise when we have a class one out with the dets they try to test us on the work book, to that end all i have to do to complete my workbook is one section which doesnt take long & it is being done on tuesday night.

    As Polar says 2 sqadrons have merged under FAS we have 3 class ones at my location with regards to operators. so we do get chance to get ours in, TB wha unit are you with & when did you do your trade camp

  15. Do any units use their own workbooks in addition to the 2 Sig Bde/12 Sig Grps ones. Particularly to monitor IT skills