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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by BIGBAPS, Jul 22, 2009.

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  1. hello all

    Here's the deal as far as I can tell regarding my Regt (As CoC seem reluctant to give clear no bullshit announcements/communication:

    1. No ranges - only have to pass WHT this bounty year.
    2. No weekends until April next year
    3. Other than Tue nights, MTD's specifically authorised by OC or it's C1 training for you.
    4. In future no more live firng (SAT range only) - I believe this is Corp wide!?!

    Can anyone confirm if this happening across whole of TA sigs, or indeed rest of TA. At this rate the cadets will be better trained.
  2. I am sure this is being applied across the board to be honest, i spoke to a lad yesterday who is now looking to join the regulars because his TA unit are only paying them to attend 'every other' drill night and giving them C1 on the drill nights in between!

    How can this happen, you cannot expect someone to come in and work if they are not being paid? :D

  3. Judging by the state of a load of bleeps I saw in Leeds at remembrance that may be true. Id rather smash through a compound with Middle Wallops Air Training Corps than that shower of utter sh*te :D
  4. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    It is certainly not happening across the whole of the TA.

    For my unit, all trg nights are paid, weekends continue to be run as booked, this weekends range package includes an APWT, IBSR and moving target range as preparatory work for a LFTT (field firing) package later in the year.

    The only real impact is the requirement for a specific bid to Bde for MTDs in excess of 50 per person, and the loss of jollies such as attending other units training (ie guest instructors at OTC camps etc)
  5. is it true that your bounty is getting chopped by 2 thirds as you lot have run out of money for the next 5 years.
    another rumour filtering through is that all p7,s and some p3,s are getting the chop from the ta, as these lazy sod,s don,t do out and still get a bounty
    i hate
  6. I was P7 for a year, lot of lads were, skin cancer, broken hips from a bad jump, Lymes Disease, one was P7 for a year after inspecting the contents of a TA birds webbing....
  7. I concur

    There was lots of rumours and knee jerk reaction till some bright spark did the maths and realised you didn't need to cut back drill night and excessive weekends

    The changes we employed was

    1. Only one paid weekend available a month
    2. All Jollys such as adventure training were C1
    3. Enforced the 50 day cap, however this only really effected a handful of key staff who all got an extension to their MTD cap anyway.
    4. Cut subbing of other jollies such as Ski trips
    5. Cancel the annual remembrance day battlefield trip.

    Added to this that we have stopped chasing the non attenders and focused on the guys who want to train and there really isn't much difference, in fact I think training has improved as many of our weekends were naff PR focused ones, now we do what we joined up to do, go mental with a rifle and get the belt buckle dirty.
  8. I am P3 and I still manage to qualify for my bounty and have done 3 op tours as P3 how the fuck does that make me lazy you cock one of the best soldiers in my troop was a guy who was P7 through losing his splean in an RTA and he could pass all the phys tests with ease so dont tar all downgraded soldiers with the same brush dickhead
  9. could someone print and laminate the duke and wellyheads bits of this and nail them to my CO's desk
  10. msr

    msr LE

    May be happening at above CO level. Some Bde Comds seem to have directed a max of 35 MTDS.

  11. At least some units still have a TAC
  12. Well whats wrong with them? One of the best sqn's I've ever served in. With a vast history of providing Signal Regiments to the army. Maybe you just hate Sigs.

    Wonder where my username came from?

    p.s. I used to be ATC

    p.p.s. 49 had to face a death of an ex-soldier last year, blown up by a mine. He left 49 to look at new oppurtunities. It pains me to say I think my leaving trigged his move (as did another).
  13. Surprised someone hasn't started a rumour that some TA units will be renting space in scout huts yet.

    Actually, the CoC reads arrse - perhaps I shoudln't suggest it in case it becomes policy...
  14. The 4 I stood near in the prelims were like 20lbs of spuds stuffed in 10lb sacks :D Either the rest were Aryan warriors who had made the 4 stooges stand away from them or someone is spectacularly sh*t at inspecting these 4 fat smoking mongoloids prior to stepping out on the most important military calender date of the year.
  15. I'd have thought that your staying would've been more of an incentive to throw himself on a mine.