TA R Signals IT opportunity

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by CQCQCQ, Sep 29, 2006.

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    CQCQCQ Swinger

    Please see the TA forum for details of a civilian IT professional mentoring scheme for TA R Signals personnel.
  2. LeBuzzer

    LeBuzzer Old-Salt

    Anyone had experience of WCIT? From what I've seen its for officers going to high places on leaving the corps but does its bit with the seniors of the corps.

    Probably IS Eng, guess the Sgts on their website had done well on their class 1. Either way good to see some outside agency taking an interest in the corps (and the TA!! - I am well and truelly shocked)

    CQCQCQ Swinger

    Details and all forms now on ArmyNet in 36's area here
  4. witchcraft

    witchcraft Old-Salt

    A reminder that this scheme is still open for personnel of all ranks working in IT and members of the TA Royal Signals.