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Guys Firstly let me apologise if this has been covered before. I have three main questions regarding the TA

Firstly some of you may know that I have recently attended and subsequently failed my AOSB Main Baord. I realise that I only get two attempts and I am now choosing when to take my second. In the mean time I would very much like to join the TA and have made contact with my local Sigs Reg. I am just wondering if anyone can throw any tips my direction. I've stated all of the above in my letter to them, Do the TA accommodate this situation? I don't really want them to feel like I'm using them as a "six month stop gap" so to speak.

Secondly can anyone give me a rough Idea of how long it takes to get your papers through? I've already submitted forms for my AOSB would I already be on the system?

And thirdly how much training can i do? Am I limited to one night a week and one weekend a month or can I do more? I only ask as I am unemployed at the moment and finding it relatively difficult to get a job.

Again I apolagise for my ramblings but I'm trying to get my ideas sorted out and I cant get in contact with my ACA.


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The forms can go through relatively quickly, depending on the efficiency of the unit. It took me...about 3 weeks between forms going in, having my medical and attending ADSC.

Training is again unit specific. If your PSAO is a decent bloke he may let you work in the TAC some days, doing tasks for the unit. And of course, once you're in recruit training you'll be away every other weekend doing that.


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Don't join the TA for a 6-month stop gap. Things happen very slowly. If you want to join before joining the regulars then fine, but i would suggest that you should be in 2years minimum if you are to get anything out of it.

Any less and its not worth it.
Just a quick addition to my post from before paddi.

The paperwork has to be done again (not as much detailed obviously), however the medical forms I bypassed because the AOSB medical forms were within the 6 month cut off date.
Because of this, I had about 4 weeks from initial enquiry to selection day date.

As I suggested before as well, unless you're very close to the cut off age, I would think you'd want more then 6 months, but I can only suggest that. Seeing as I haven't done RT weekend 1 yet, but in the same situation as you, I could be very far off the mark.

If they are local, why not pop down as speak to them in person. They can gauge you and you can gauge them in that respect (plus I would suspect it would cut down on the waiting and tooing and froing).


I've sent them a letter to make contact as I"m from Northern Ireland I cant exactly "Pop" down to see them, especially with recent circumstances! hopefully they will arrange for an interview as soon as. As for my six month delay I'm only 22 so I'm not going to try again until I feel confident enough to absolutely smash it.

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