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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by jayb1977, Nov 20, 2009.

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  1. Quick questions

    1) How many weekends is basic trg done over now and how long is this likely to take, (months)?

    2) Is it a 1 or 2 week camp at the end of the weekends?

    3) On tour, do a lot of TA soldiers just guard bases? What is the slang for this?

  2. Ok, assuming this isn't a wah bearing in mind the third question:

    1) Depends, infantry 9 weekends all others 6. As they run alternate weekends this will take about 3 months.

    2) Two weeks - CIC in Catterick for the infantry and CMSR at one of the Army Training Regiments for the rest of us.

    3) I'll leave it to others with more knowledge than me to answer this one
  3. Depends on when you measure it from - it seems to be typically about 6 months from the first time you turn up at the front gate to getting on your 2 week camp. (Slightly over in my case, we often have delays in getting medicals sorted plus there's a one month break in the weekends due to Christmas)

    Some people have done it faster, particularly if you have a lot of free time as they've been trialling 9 day condensed courses instead of the weekends. Latest rumour seems to be that if they keep doing this, it'll extend to 10 days rather than 9)
  4. Thanks for your replies. I just want to get an idea of what to expect. I have spoken to a couple of guys in the TA who have done force protection, ,(as WhatamIdoing above put it).
  5. It can take a lot longer than that. By hte time I've finished CIC it'll have been over a year since I walked through the door. Took from March to September to get attested. I was delayed for 8 weeks by a medical snag but even so...
  6. Weekends 7 through 9 add nearly another two months on though, don't they? (I'm guessing they're every other weekend, like one through six are) At least at that point you're done with basic training, us poor Corps still have to go off and do Phase 2 training, which can take another few months to sort out. (Although I'm hoping to have class 3l done and dusted within a year of first turning up)
  7. They do but it was the pre-attestation phase that took forever, getting on a "look at life" weekend and a recruit selection day etc.
  8. W/e 7-9 are the TSC(Inf) whilst OA&S (Corps)2 weeks is TSC(B)
    OA&S then Progress to phase 2 (Trade) the infantry go off and do CIC after completeing TSC(Inf)

    So no they havent finished after w/e9
  9. sapperboy

    sapperboy Swinger SME

    It is worth knowing for Other Arms, you can commence your Phase 2 Training once you have completed and passed TSC(A) whilst you are waiting to go on to TSC(B). This could shorten your training time if your unit is organised that way. Inf, this doesn't help as you need to do TSC(Inf) after (A) and before CIC(TA).