Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by wirebrush, Oct 22, 2009.

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  1. Good afternoon.

    Just out of interest...is your units PTI physically fit?

    I have met a few pti's in my time and have been very very surprised at the lack of their own personal fitness.


  2. Ours is ok, he mainly stands and watches us and sometimes leaves a programme on the board for us to crack on ourselves but his back has been bad for a while, about 3 years really but aside from that he is a good laugh.
  3. Ours has breast implants...no duff
  4. The pti in my unit did his course like years ago. Funny you bring it up we were running a 1 mile road (flat no hills) and I was at the front and we got like 300 yards and all I could here was our pti panting. Must of been a while for him. But what do I no I'm just a crow.
  5. mate one of ours is the same he pretends he isnt out of breath then pretends to see stuff on the floor and bends down to examine then we have to run on the spot and stuff and sometimes he makes us shout out the step so we cant hear him breathing heavy, he ripped me off for 5 pouches of old holborn as well after he had been to france, asshole
  6. I know who yours is!

    I think.

    Scouse accent?
  7. Much laughter. I can only picture the utter comedy show of a pt session. When our unit does pt when I look at our pti I just keep hearing benny hill music. He's just that sort of guy, to be fair tho I wouldn't put myself on any sort of fitness course civi or military would make a Mong of myself
  8. As she would say "Yerrrrrrrrr" :wink:
  9. i know yeah ! he is well mean though, i had to stop running once cos my boobs were a bit sore and he complained to my officer !
  10. Ours was the real deal...ex Gulf vet, regimental middle weight champ, civvie kick boxing national champion, marathan runner and swimmer.

    He ran us ragged...but boy were we fit by the end of the pain!
  11. reni looking at your previous comments in the past about TA pti's seems like you have it in for them. Fair game mind you. Got any past experience with them, if so tell me some more fat boy stories they crack me up
  12. :) Christ those things made summer go quicker ;)
  13. Not really, being neither a part timer nor in need of instruction by a pretender I thankfully swerved contact. I preferred my Pti's black, ripped, and wearing a green lid..
  14. Post a pic for us to see then mate :wink:
  15. She'd fecking murder me, sadly not a chance!