TA PTIs taking regular soldiers for PT...

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Aug 31, 2003.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    ...is evidently forbidden....

    Can anyone shed any light here , or should I go to the PT Forum?

  2. MSR - I've heard of a TA PTI instructing on a course for regular PTIs to be. (I've met the person in question.)

    I appreciate that allowing TA PTIs to train the trainers doesn't automatically mean that our PTIs could take regs for PT, but if not it does seem a tad strange.
  3. What a bunch of Arrse.

    Do we get semi qualifications then??? Does the course number differ between those of us with two jobd and those with only one? ( Not the Tyne Tees Reg, I mean.)

    I am pretty sure that RMQ is the same, does the TA ( or more probably, "Short" ) PTI course differ?

    More likely some Reg with an inferiority complex. A Green Lid mate of mine just back fron the sandbox told me his gang where not allowed to use their own PTIs in the desert...fcuking jobsworths......
  4. If your qualified to take PT (TA or Reg) then as far as I know you can take everyone except recurits (unless you have done the Recruit PT part) Check it out with your Training Wing, or, Adjutant. PT is PT, the best Sunday morning sobering up session every created for the TA since CDT.
  5. not quite correct but nearly ;)

    a TA PTI cannot take a Regular soldier for PT officially, bearing in mind that a Regular soldier has to do an 8 miler and the TA and also the TAPTI only do a 4 (albeit under the new regs its the TA Infantry standard CFT) although i have to say that there is a bit more to it than that when you dig all the way down and probably because its a 6 week course for the regs instead of a 2 week course or something silly like that :D

    And any TA PTI who qualified having passed the course since the pilot course in July 2002 can now take TA recruits in lieu of the fact that there is at this present time no TA class 2 equivalent of the Regular class 2 PTI course.

    It always struck me as strange this one, because a TA soldier in certain circumstances is allowed to attend regular courses but a regular cannot attend a TA course.

    Again why is the Regular NBC course and Skill at Arms course so much longer than the TA version yet the TA hold the same quals?

    can you imagine how much money is wasted and man hours having to replicate the same course over different peridos of time to accomodate TA and Regs for the same quals :D
  6. Just to let you know,

    The TA NBC Instructors Course is the same amount of working days as the Regular course and nothing is omitted from the course syllabus.

    Ps. I am a Reg so there is no favoritism here...
  7. well at least something has changed cos mine was 20 working days and not 14 ;) :)
  8. Hardly surprising though is it. I mean.......would you let someone who plays plumbers at the weekend, fix your sink?