The_Cheat said:
You need to be a lance-jack at least. So at least that long!

No you don't. You can go on the course as a local rank :wink:
yep, u can do it at local rank! i want to do it too. Im doing my phase two training next month, but in the scale of things...ide rather do a course like that with at least a year in the TA behind me. just a personal thing, but experience is worth a lot ide say!
if u search this site there has already been quite a few discussions about it.
its 2 weeks, quite intense, but by all acounts one of the best courses u can go on! not excatlly the same due to its time/length as the regs, but content i assume is the same.
advice given to me was to get your BPFA scores as high as u can, run...run.... & run some more & also lots of CFT training.
not sure where its run from though...
^Aldershot I believe.
Im doing the next course in march i was told by the pti who did it last year that dont over do the BPFA ie dont go for high scores, u need to do perfect press ups and perfect sit ups other wise they wont be counted as there a reg pti doing the counting, :( do loads of circuit training is a must and loads and loads of running was also told that the CFT was a five mile and that they kick the arse out of it as well :wink:
Assistant PTI course is the 2 week one as far as i know and i think refresher course do have to be done, from what i remember you need to be a green BPFA for the intake as a minimum and i an argument about the females having to run in under 10.30 too. (but that may have changed).

However i know first hand that the CFT was "The CFT" and it used to be the 8 mile with infantry weight regardless of gender ;) (again that may have changed now).

The course is only designed to take basic PT lessons, there is no way that an 11 week course could be crammed down to cover every aspect of PT (but a large majority of the regular course is for recruit training too).

The argument was never resolved as far as i know with regards to whether or not a TA AIPT could take recruits, and when i left the TA they were only allowed to take trained soldiers ;)
You can practice as a PTI as a Private without a problem, but you have ot have local rank to attend the course as a minimum due to it being a course of instruction.

However the main reason that they werent allowed to take recruit PT is because the PTI course is designed to train a soldier to keep serving soldiers fit and where needed increase the level of fitness for BPFA and CFT.

Recruit PT is not covered anywhere in the syllabus and unfortunately you will find that unless that has changed then from a legal point of view someone somewhere is missing the small print ;)

This was one of the reasons why regular PTI's went on a class 3 course that was 6 weeks long to learn trained soldier lessons first, then attended a further 8 week class 2 course that covered sports coaching elements and then recruit PT lessons, it has now of course been compressed into an 11 week course that covers all of it, and if recommended they can then apply for the 6 month PTI class 1 course and subsequent transfer to the APTC.

Unless that has changed then if an injury occurs with a recruit they dont have a leg (no pun intended) to stand on.

Direction on that should be taken from the TM because they should at least be up to date with the policy on PT as directed by the Brigade SMI ;)

Before anyone says anything, yes i know more red tape ;) :D
hey good idea - so you cant teach them anything useful before CMSR (SAA, NBC etc) but you could at least get them fit...

er.. no actually

So what do you do with recruits before CMSR? (rhetorical question I know this has been covered in other threads!)
Passing the TA PTI course entitles you to wear the crossed swords(there is at present only one TA course) and take TA soldiers for PT(you cannot instruct regulars at all), the only PT you can take them for is Endurance Running, circuit training, obstacle course's, CFT's (no longer than 4 miles) and BPFA (run/bleep test optional) thats the lot, nothing else, if your PTI takes you for anything else I.E football he/she must hold the relevant qualification to do so, after you qualify as a PTI you need to attend a refresher weekend within five years of passing to remain "in date".

The Regs now have a nine week All Arms course which replaces the class 2 and 3, they still have the class 1 course which as already mentioned elsewhere if passed rebadges you to APTC.

Plans are afoot however to have a intermediatte TA course which would be the equivilant of the regs old class 2 with eventually having a TA PTI class 1 which would allow you to rebadge to APTC (v) but that was meant to be in place last year but has still to happen.

Being as at least once a week we get a "I want to be a TA PTI" thread shouldnt a Mod write a sticky thread with requirements,course details etc in it (I will even write it if you want!) :?:

Please can you wite a wiki page and then it can be linked to when people ask the question?

msr said:

Please can you wite a wiki page and then it can be linked to when people ask the question?

I would do but I am convinced that the arrsepedia is some sort of wah, I must of registered on there about 20 times, but everytime I try to edit anything its tells me to log in, when I try to log in it tells me my username doesnt exist and I must register and round in circles I go, I will write a piece and PM it to you and do with it as you will!

You need to register the username 'BRL' . I had this with whitenoisebabies - he had the same problems as you describe, but when he used 'wnb' it worked first time.

Otherwise I am happy to put a page up for you.

Yep, I did register as BRL but the furthest I can get is here: http://www.arrse.co.uk/wiki/index.php/User:Barrack_Room_Lawyer
If I try and edit anything it tells me to log in which I try to do then it tells me:
There is no user by the name "Barrack Room Lawyer". Check your spelling, or use the form below to create a new user account. :?
Create an account with the username 'BRL' just the three letters and see if that helps.


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