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To avoid clogging the thread up with the usual rubbish about this subject, has anybody done the course recently? If they have, PM me. Mate of mine has got himself booked on it, was after some info.

I do remember seeing a document on here a few years ago that someone had written as part of their Sports degree about the course, but can't find it.

Any help appreciated,

Been there already msr, im just after a chat with someone whos been on the course recently. Can you remember the document i'm on about, I couldn't see it on the Wiki page......
I did a refresher in May which probably wont help your cause but have a non arrser mate who did his in July if thats any help, PM what you need to know.
The physiology part isn't difficult and is really basic stuff. Written exam is multiple questions... I have no knowledge of anyone failing it. Keep up the fitness levels (seems obvious you may think, but not to all!). Need to know more? ask away....

Edited to add the wiki seems up to date and the 'TA PTI (B) - Tips and Advice' should prove useful

Best of luck
Once you're back from the course if you have any comments on the course content or tips to add to the wiki post them here and I'll update it.

Should have one of ours on the Intermediate course in a couple of months so will steal a copy of his JIs and update the wiki with a little more info as well.

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