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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by norfolk_n_chance, Apr 29, 2007.

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  1. Quick question,

    I know that PT for Regulars, and PT for under-18s falls outside the remit of TA PTIs. However, can anyone confirm either of my beliefs that;

    a. A basic TA PTI cannot complete MATT2 Testing with Regular staff attached to the TA Unit/Sub-unit, i.e. PSIs

    b. A basic TA PTI can complete PT training and MATT2 testing with recruits who are;

    1. Over 18.

    2. Attested and medically cleared.

    Thanks in advance to all useful posts.

    [post copied into Training Wing Forum]
  2. Hmmm.....so what'll happen when the PSI's need to qualify for bounty then?

    1x Reg PSI PTI per unit?

    arrrgh......TLA overload!
  3. I was under the same impression as you. I completed the Basic Cse last August and we were informed by the TWO at the School that as TA PTI's (Basic), there were several limitations based upon us:
    1. Can not take the following for any Physical Training activity:
    a. Civilians
    b. Cadets
    c. Regular Soldiers
    2. Can not instruct on non-synopsis obstacle courses (Due to change soon ?)
    3. On Endurance Training, may not take class through water obstacles
    4. Can not conduct Combat Military Swim Test (CMST)
    5. Can not conduct Representative Military Tasks (RMT’s)
    6. Can not conduct Advanced Combat Fitness Test 1 and 2
    7. Can not conduct gym inductions (multi-gyms and CV’s suites)

    However when I quizzed my SMI (I'm posted to an RTC), he said we are allowed to take the regulars on PT as long as itfalls within the remit of our qualifications.
    I don't know whether this is something that has changed recently, or he's got his wires crossed.
  4. I'd listen to your SMI; at the end of the day, he's the guru.

    As long as you're not a flid and the regulars laugh at you for lagging behind :wink: