TA PTI - REG pti???

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by robbo9, Mar 29, 2006.

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  1. alrite

    is it possible to beocme a TA PTI, and then go regular straight in as a pti? probably on FTRS? but can you go regualr after FTRS?

    any help, advice? its not for me, its for a mate
  2. Yeah right how many times you heard that old chestnut :roll:
  3. hahahaha true, any advice or help though?
  4. Dont know if the qual maps across, but having done one course and seen the other, I'd say not. If they were the same then the reg course would only be a week or two long as well.
  5. Walk before you run, concentrate on shaping your beret first you part time mong..........
  6. No chance you mong. As already stated reg course a lot harder and longer. Get a grip.
  7. Sh1t, I must be getting polite as I get older, thats actually what I meant!
  8. Rations doubt your older than me mate and i always did shoot from the hip. Anyway daft little scrote asked for it. cheers mate
  9. RMP, Gunners, PTI whats next? chef?
  10. Work on your slydexia first, then worry about pti courses that are a short blip in a regular career.

    Oh, I mean, tell your mate that.