TA PTI (INTER) + modular weekends

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by norfolk_n_chance, Apr 2, 2007.

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  1. For all the TA PTIs out there, who know the new system of progression with camps and modular weekends - how many have done, or at least seen advertised, the modular weekends required for the Inters course?

    I heard, on my course, that they were supposed to be organised at Div level ... but have heard nought of it since ...

    Any updates from recent attendees/people-in-the-know?
  2. From April 1st, LDRTC has a full time PTI, to help organise PTI training, as far as I understand, for London District. I am not yet fully aware of their total responsibilities.

    Please watch our web site for firther detaisl and courses that we may be offering in the near future.

  3. Try 49 bde, they are running these now.....
  4. Make sure you can pass the intermediate PTI standards before attending the course, I believe at least 3 lost their PTI qualification on the first intermediate course because they failed it. (Having an injury doesn't stop them from stripping your qualification)
  5. I think being up to standards is a given ... or should be - but thanks for the advice Polar. I read about the PTI failures on your thread a while ago - hopefully it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

    Bibo_boy ... do you know approx how often 49 Bde run their modular weekends?

    Its good to hear that Jennie - I hope other RTCs will follow their example, and publish their course dates accessibly.
  6. If you want PM me and I'll give you the contact for them?
  7. I don't recall this from the ETL course (probably because I was concentrating on why lactic acid can be good). Are they now running other w/ends which bolt onto the ETL course, so you can qualify to do the press ups & sit ups stuff, assault courses, train recruits, etc?

    Think it would be good if they did, just don't recall it.
  8. Unfortunately not (or at least, I think not)

    The modular weekends are pre-requisite blocks before a TA PTI (Basic) can undergo his/her TA PTI (Intermediate) cse.
  9. Sorry, didn't read thread properly, should have noticed the 'inter' in the title ! :oops:
  10. I know it's a bit far for most of you, but 39 Bde's SMI has got in touch with all PTI's in his area & is catering the modules to availability, which is very handy.

    I've the handouts for the 3 modules if anyone wants further info? PM pref.