Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by sleazy, Sep 6, 2004.

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  1. Have my course, soon, in aldershot (the joy).

    Any tips from those that have attended?
  2. http://www.arrse.co.uk/html/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=4246&highlight=&sid=dc14ffcc23abe35f3f4d6b6e7679811c

    I asked this question a little while ago - see hyperlink for details of the overwhelming response.

    As far as I know (and I haven't done the course):

    basic standards aren't that high on paper, but most people are easily better than that (especially the running - I think 1 1/2 miles are allowed 10 1/2 mins, but most people do it inside 9 mins), so if you just scrape through, you'll attract unwanted attention;

    the assault course is hard, because you'll do it again & again & again. If there are, say, 15 people in the course, and everybody gets a go at leading the others around it, you'll end up doing it 14 times;

    The swimming test is easy for any reasonable swimmer;

    Most people are binned in the first few days, when the physical tests are hardest. After that, not many people fail.

    I should say I only know 1 person who has done the modern PTI course (the previous one stressed organising team events, and wasn't very hard in comparison). The above info is based on speaking to them, and is only as reliable as the 'averageness' of their course.

    Let us know how you get on - I've been too busy to do the course so far, but wouldn't mind a crack in the next training year.
  3. I was meant to do the one in September but my PSI "Forgot/Mislaid" my paperwork (yeah right),tried to get on the November one but that was fully booked,so I shall be attending the one in January.
    Its the usual 45 and 55 press ups and sit ups,I did hear they concentrate a bit more on the physio side of things as well,warm ups ,warm downs,how the body works and reacts etc.
  4. Pie Tasting Instructor......mmmm.....

    where do I apply?
  5. St Omer Bks Aldershot.
  6. thanks that really helps...... but info is out of date, apparently at fox lines.

    Thanks for wasting my time back room lawyer
  7. You're giving up a WHOLE weekend to become a PTI? Don't break into too much of a sweat.
  8. -----------------------------

    please note back room lawyer i asked for info from those who have attended i do not wish to hear information which comes from a source with no first hand experience. All i end up with is info whihc is false or outdated
  9. You're gonna make a great gym queen , no sense of humour. :wink:
  10. Anyone who wears skin tight, blue wool tracksuit pants and a white vest designed to fit a 4 year old must have a sense of humour :D
  11. Interesting if TA PTI's are so well trained why are they not allowed to take Regular Soldiers for PT?
    Having been a medic on many camps it always amazes me how many TA soldiers TA PTI's manage to break!
    Maybe they should bin the TA course and post in a regular PSI who is suitably qualified.
  12. Got it in one :D
  13. Paranoia on the Regs part.

    It gets worse: a mate of mine was on GW2, the war fighting phase: he is a ( TA ) PTI - but not allowed to take his own blokes for PT: he has RMQ up to his ears but was not allowed to run ranges.

  14. Door bundle just think of the savings and manpower pool the disbandment of 16AA could provide.