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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Pork_Pie, Oct 19, 2003.

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  1. Does anybody know what is involved in the TA PTI course?

    I.E. what fitness standards are involved, what theory is involved, how long it takes? Also, how often is it held?.

    Grateful for any constructive advice, as am interested in doing the course.
  2. Damn, thats me out.
  3. OK, grateful for advice, constructive or otherwise (if humorous) :)

    In the absence of comments re the TA course, can anybody give details of the regular one?
  4. The standards of a PTI are in accordance with ITD2 A, BPFA and CFT which you will find with your APTCI. However, the ASPT requires a PTI to set a standard of principle. Go there and be HOT! :twisted: Probably a little less constructive than what i ment. I. e When you have to do the entrance test dont go for the minimum points set higher goals.

    If you want to do this course go to ASPT web site and it will have the info you need.

    It is a course that will give you the fundamentals required to keep the British army fit and ready. So give it a go...if you dare!
  5. I have recently done the course and the standards are as follows:

    BPFA: Pressups 50, sit ups 45, 1.5 mile in under 10.30.

    CFT: 4 miles with 25kgs

    The rest is just keeping fit with no injuries and passing the 2 exams, one on human anatomy an the other on all other aspects of the course.

    hope this helps

  6. Thanks Megaspooner.

    I know somebody who did the course, and they told me that most people were easily under 9 mins for the run - did you find that? I also heard that the assault course is bad - doing it again & again, each taking it in turn to lead the group around it.
  7. My SPSI has just put a bid in for me to do this course, its over three weekends, I was under the impression that it was a 2 week course?
  8. That's disgraceful, on the regs course you have to achieve 09:30 or under as an in standard...It's all about personal pride! (In my day 1996, I ran a 07:42 in standard)
  9. I dared so I must be tough, what's more - I 'dared' for longer than the 2-week TA effort which is probably why I am such a know it all!

    .......................... and yes, I am bored!
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  14. To re-use this thread.

    My unit want me to do a TA PTI Course. Fine and dandy like.

    But, for the TA PTI Basic do you have to do the Military Swim Test? I know it'll say on my joining instructions when I get them one day but I will need to practise my swimming for this! So earlier I know the better! Cheers
  15. jmj

    jmj Old-Salt

    Yes. You'll do a PFT (actually, it's not a PFT, as you'll be assessed on Male < 30 year standard regardless of age / sex), CFT (probably 8 miles with 25kg) and Swim Test.
    There's almost certainly a Wiki entry with all this guff.
    Info in this old thread is way out of date.