TA PTI Course (basic)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by davenport, Sep 2, 2009.

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  1. This is what I already know:

    Course is open to TA JNCOs and TA SNCOs in the rank range LCpl to Sgt

    Students are required to pass the MST, CFT (carrying CEG 1 weight (25
    kg) and the PTI TA Fitness Test (44 press-ups in 2 min, 50 sit-ups in 2 min, 2.4 km run in 10 mins 30 secs or less).

    Students must undergo a complete medical/dental examination and be certified ‘fit to attend course’. really?

    Anyone know anything else or has done the course? Whats it like? How long did it take to get on it?

  2. Not sure if it's just the Infantry but Privates can do the Basic course aswell.
  3. The what?

    That's the normal fitness test. Nothing PTI about it.
  4. Multiple Sticklebrick Throwing.
  5. I'm doing this course next March. You will have to attend a potential PTI course (Which is usually one day) in which you have to pass the full PFT and CFT and some briefings on lesson taking and what it means to be a PTI.
    On the potential course, the fitness standards you mentioned are what you have to pass to get on the PTI basic course, but on the course itself you are expected to do more than 'just' pass.
    As with any course, you will need a medical before you go.

    I too would be interested to hear from anyone who has done the course and has any advice to give.

    Have to work on my swimming mainly to pass the MST. I can do front stroke, but failed miserably on my last MST as I haven't treaded water since I was about 6 and I have never learned breast-stroke.
  6. Ive been looking on the ASPT ALDERSHOT COURSES list, cant find a mention of the potential course anywhere, anyone got any info?

    Best of luck with the swimming Hedphelym
  7. The potential PTI courses are run by the RTC's the SMI based there will be able to give you more info.
    The course is awesome. If it hasn't changed since 06 you will do PFT on first day and CFT and MST on next (we did 8 miles, but have heard of others only doing 6 - but it should be academic really). Rest of the course is based around teaching you to be a PTI. You will learn the theory behind all aspects of physical training as well as a bit of Anatomy and Physiology, (it's worth doing a bit of research before hand - muscle groups, skeletal system, movement around a joint etc). You will be shown how to take circuit training lessons, endurance training (with and without kit), and obstacle course training (you don't go up the trinasium). There's very little fooking around, and lot's of phys. You will be expected to lead on a number of TP's, and second on a number of others, playing the role of one of trainee in the rest!
    Take two drinks bottles and keep drinking them all day, otherwise you'll spend all evening rehydrating! Some of the lads took recovery drinks, but it's down to personal preference really. If your going to Fox Lines in Aldershot (some of the courses recently have been run elsewhere) they have a big Tesco's down the road which is pretty handy for the late night energy food, and sells pretty much anything you could need.
    Several sets of phys kit is useful, unless you are uber-slick with the dobey you'll stink by day two!!

    Edited for monglish!
  8. I updated the wiki after doing the course Sept 06, can't find the link mind.

    As for standards, I'd heard rumours they were trying to bring them in line with the regular course (basic entry anyway) - aim for a sub-9.30 run and you'll be fine.
  9. These are the standards you need to achieve, however it's not like doing it back at your unit where you can get away with not performing the exercises correctly. The course instructors will be quite strict on form and be watching you like a hawk. Also don't just train to achieve the standard, they expect you to surpass it.

    What brigade you are from depends whether you have to attend a potential pti course, if yours doesn't do it then it would be worthwhile to contact another, I know 15(NE) Brigade do one, as you will conduct the assessments under the same conditions you will on the course. Plus you'll gain quite abit of useful info from the instructor. Some people do this a number of times before their actual course starts.

    With the MST, you don't necessarily need to perform a certain stroke, just get around the required distance without touching the floor or grabbing the sides. I think there is a time limit but not sure what it is. Be aware that you'll be wearing overalls or combats when performing it and that will make a difference. A couple of trips to your local pool will stand you in good stead.

    PM me if you need any other info.
  10. I was on the TA PTI Basic course at Fox Lines,Aldershot,in April this year,pretty much what other people have put is what happens.There are alot of lectures mixed in with PT sessions,approx 4 to 5 PT lessons a day,each student takes 2 PT lessons during the course and acts as a number 2 for a couple.
    There is alot of home work as you have to do lesson plans and risk assesments for your lessons plus you get handout after handout so there are alot of late nights.
    The training staff are very good at there jobs and can tell if your bluffing your case,as long as you dont fcuk them off you are left alone which is a good thing because as the course goes on people start to get more and more tired.
    I found that each student trys to do a little better than the last one during the lessons so the PT gets harder and harder,bit of a snowball effect,so its not the staff beasting you its the other students.You will run everywere as walking is not allowed in Fox Lines. Overall it was a very good course and well worth doing.I would suggest geting down to one of the recruit training centres as
    recruit PTI once you have completed the course in order to get your skills up and running,to have 50-60 people in a class is very good to get used to it as opposed to having a couple of people at your TAC once in a blue moon.
  11. thanks for the info everyone, few more questions pring to mind...

    how long did it take to get on the course?
    what about the potential PTI course, is that required prior to attending basic PTI?

    As Tom9748 said, getting down a RTC would appeal much more over my TAC!
  12. :D
    From asking about doing the Basic PTI course to turning up at Fox Lines was 5 weeks,of which I spent as much time as possible tyring to get my fittness up! As for the potential PTI course ,I didnt know there was one to do ,dont think anyone on my course did one.I would say this is not a bluffers course in order to qualify for your bounty and the people that turn up for it are there because they really want the qual so your fittness levels should be up there from the start. :D
  13. I understand any question about personal fitness is quite broad as everybody is different, but aside from the PFT CFT and MST standards, in real terms what level of fitness were most of the students at, including yourself? I mentioned previously that I was aiming to do the course in March next year, so until then I have a training programme worked out but would be beneficial to know if what my programme culminates in before the course is still too low or not. I'm under no illusions here, but I don't just want to scrape through the course.
  14. You dont have to be super fit to pass the course remember you are there to learn how to teach people,your not there just to get beasted,Ispent 5 weeks getting prepped,running with and without weight and circuit training at the gym,knocked the beer on the head.Some of the people are very fit others not as fit.We only lost two students,one through injury and the other because he could not stand infront of a group of people without falling to bits.I passed the course at 40 years old if I could do it anyone could.
    I have allways found that I feel really good after a good session in the gym so having five PT sessions in a day makes you feel fantastic!!!!
    Good luck
  15. Query on MST:

    Do you wear boots?

    Treading water - Is there a speciific way you need to do this, or can you "float" any way you choose to?