TA PTI Course and females

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by esme86, Aug 9, 2012.

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  1. Hi there,

    My PSI has put me on a PTI course and as female I was wondering what exactly the intake terms are? Whether they are different to the male or we have to complete the same tasks equally.

    Looking forward to a response.
  2. Pass the PFA to Male under 30 standards. 44 Press Ups, 50 Sit Ups, 10:30 Mile and a Half. Thats for all ages, cap badges and genders.

    If you can't do that comfortably, don't even bother turning up. The entrance standards are a basic level, and the run is done on a track, so if you can't clock around 10:00 on the road, you'll fail the run.

    Alternatively, you could just do what a chick from the RMP did on my best mates course last year, which is turn up, fail the entrance standards, then play every card in the book to stay on the course and eventually pass. Apparently, this wasn't limited to having "discharge" from down below which meant she couldn't do the MST, finding her bloke in bed with another woman which meant that she was too stressed to pass the PFA resit, and finally declaring that she was pregnant to get off the 2nd weeks phys. Ended up passing anyway. From what I was told she runs a BMF rip off firm, and was cutting about in PTI belts etc before she'd even done the course! Sounds like a proper tool.

    But anyway, I digress, its basic standards for Male under 30.
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  3. **** me sideways. I'd like to think you're joking but I fear you're not.

    In answer to the OP, Male under 30 standards. We had one chick on my course and she could mix it with the best of them which made her popular and well respected. Expecting different treatment due to gender will not.
  4. And this is why the TA remain a laughing stock.
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  5. Maybe the DS should have failed her ? Consulted Medical Advice as to the nature and amount of Phys someone newly preggers can do and binned them on those grounds ?
  6. Thought the TA PTI course was to eat 100 pies in 3 minutes.....
  7. Maybe thinking isn't your strongest point.

    Just saying like...
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  8. Strong shout, Spaz; you're quite right.

    The sooner the RAPTC pur Regular staff on the TA courses the better.

    That way, obviously, they'll have the stones to get rid of students who don't meet the standards. Anything else is of course, as you rightly say, a laughing stock.
  9. Funny really as I knew a guy who turned up and failed everything, he was only put on the course to stop him leaving, God knows why as he was admin posted about a year later.

    He finished the course with a pass, but a "not recommended to teach" clause and was up to the Gym Q man to decide whether or not he could take a group solo, in the end he did a lot of markers and feck all else but could still wear his advanced fencing badge.

    I also know of a guy who did it with a severe case if asthma

    Oh BTW these are regulars I'm talking about not TA
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  10. Impossible, WH.

    You are clearly fibbing.
  11. Look, don't tell anybody but I actually saw a reg that was slightly overweight

    oh and a girl who cried to get a pass on her APWT, shhh don't tell anyone, else the illusion that all regulars are all super fit superbly admined golden haired dealers of death will be shattered
  12. Check you out on your shiny new reversocycle.

    Your post stated that the regulars who run the TA PTI courses should have failed her a few minutes ago.

    Which is it?
  13. Burn the witch!

    He speaks in tongues!

    You'll be selling us nonsense spells and blaspheming about a single army next!
  14. Oh, dear.

    Have another look, Trigger...