TA PTI Course Advice needed

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Crazy_Climber, Oct 24, 2011.

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  1. Ok, I'm looking to do a The TA PTIs course as soon as possible but could do with some advice.
    I have been told I'll need to be an ETL first, and this is a weekend course. Can anybody shed any light on what this entails? and how often they run?

    Also can anybody point me in the direction of some good, reliable info on basic anatomy etc. as I've heard a bit of a heads up on this will be beneficial before the course?
    And if anyone who has done either of these recently has any tips they would be greatly appreciated!

    Cheers! CC
  2. Unless things have changed in the last 12 months, you don't need to be an ETL to go and do the PTI(B) course. You have to attend a Potential PTI assessment at your RTC before being accepted onto the course at Aldershot, however that doesn't seem to be enforced as there were a lot on mine who hadn't gone through it. The only essential pre-requisite that I was told of was to be DITS qualified.

    Anatomy and Physiology doesn't really go into great detail at this level. As long as you can identify the major muscle groups, major bones, and know your arse from your elbow then you'll be fine. It all gets hammered into you, and you get plenty of time to revise (not much to do on the night times). If you really want to do some reading up then I quite like this site: InnerBody.com | Human Body, Anatomy Charts, Anatomical Models

    Tips: make sure your fitness is up to scratch, make sure you take the correct kit (not many on ours had everything they needed), and make sure you've got a voice as one of the biggest criticisms of people during the TPs were not being commanding and heard enough.
  3. Interesting. I was told from our PSI (Via SSGT as we never see the PSI) You had to do ETL first, but no mention of the Potential PTI Course...

    That's a good heads up about the making your voice heard - that's my main downfall to begin with! Best get working on that one!

    Re kit, what (out of the ordinary) do they expect you to have? Must it be issue PT kit? (Struggle to get that at my unit)
    How about on the CFT/weighted march, must it be with a bergan or is it a case of "as long as you have the correct weight I don't care how you make it up or carry it" I.E. could I use webbing with pouches filled with sand bags + Daysack to get the weight?
  4. Pot PTI basically makes sure that people are meeting the required standards to go to Aldershot and complete the course. It'll entain a PFA and AFT which has to be passed at Male under 30 standard, regardless of your normal age and gender bracket.

    Ref kit, people turned up on the course without webbing, issued boots (which they recommend you wear on the obs course), and some even without a bergen! The loaded march training will depend on the rules set out by whoever is conducting it, but it is normally a case of whatever you want to be comfortable during the exercise.
  5. Oh, and make sure you can swim. Running along the bottom of the pool doesn't constitute a pass for the MST!
  6. Well having spoke to the PSI last night, I have to do an ETL course before being put forward for the PTI (B) course.
    Good news is, I might be on one this weekend - Just waiting out on a phone call to confirm it. So, any good advice for this on? I spoke to one of our guys last night who has recently done it and it sounds fairly straightforward so fingers crossed I'm making steps in the right direction!
  7. You do not need to be an ETL before being a PTI. It helps, but only in as much as how bored you'll be when you repeat all the same stuff again on the main course. Its just a waste of MTD's and your time doing both. The lad I knew who did the course and was already an ETl was bored stiff for the classroom elements, because the handouts that most RTC's use for the ETL course are identical to the ones used at the school! :S
  8. Oh joys. I'm doin th etl course this weekend because Iv been told I have to do it first. I.e. my psi won't put me forward for th pti course until iv done th erl!
    He also knows nothing of th potential pti course...

    Oh well, standing by to get bored then!
  9. If he knows nothing, then ask him to speak to the Brigade APTCI. Thats what they're there for!
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